Hms Raleigh re-waiting times?


You've said in a previous post that you start Basic on February 28th 2010.

Have you asked to renew your passport and it has not yet arrived?
First thing they ask for when you go for recruitment test is passport. If you dont have for recruitment test they ask for it at interview, should of got a new passport ages ago.

Best of luck, but it should not be a problem you have to february 28th if thats correct.


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It's a condition of entry into Naval Service that all joiners must have a valid passport. This is mentioned in the 'call in' letter to sit the Recruiting Test at the start of the application & the Pre-entry brief letter at the end of the application process & is usually stated by the Careers Adviser at selection interview.

Those who do not have a passport & have a provisional entry date should speak to their Careers Adviser without delay. If the AFCO advise you cannot join because you do not have a passport then they will probably not bid for an entry date until the valid passport is produced, so the waiting time for entry will start from scratch.

Those who can demonstrate severe financial hardship should either discuss the issue with the DWP if unemployed or their Careers Adviser as soon as practicably possible.
If it's not a money issue I got my passport within 2 days and paid £112 for it. Even if you don't go fast track surely you've got enough time to send off your forms? It only takes 2-3 weeks.
theres places you can go to get a passport/renewal there and then. the closest to me is liverpool but obviously depending on where you live thatll change. also you may have to travel and pay out a bit more money but under the circumstances im sure you can agree itll be worth it
hi ninja.not trying to under estimate your accurate information on this site.But you can go to raleigh as long as you have your passport application in the system.I know this as i done it myself :lol:

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