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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by alexissonice, Apr 4, 2014.

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  1. Just got back from my PRNC at collingwood two days ago and it was fantastic. The staff who run the course are brilliant. Passed everything, run in at 9.47 and maxed out the pressup/ sit-up bleep test (40 and 60 reps respectively)..swim test was a good laugh and a breeze. The PT staff beasted us at circuit training and dished out punishments left right and center...really bloody exhausting but made it through. Got about 3 weeks to Raleigh now so going to be touching up on my fitness some more (focusing on circuits and sprints to drive the 2.4 run down even more) question is how is physical training structured at Raleigh? Do you have like a timetable with it slotted in multiple times during the week throughout all of basic or is it sprung on you out of the blue? Circuits in the gym with PT staff was really challenging..Any questions about the PRNC at collingwood will be happy to help ya out!
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  2. It's structured at Raleigh and set into the Phase 1 timetable.

    Don't ask what you do or when, just turn up, shut up and do as your told and it'll all be over in 10 weeks.
  3. You'll get a timetable like at school. "Week 6 Tuesday period 2", for instance will be PT. You usually don't know what sort of PT it is, but 9 times out of 10 it's circuits. On top of that you'll do at least 1 swimming sesh a week.

    In addition and perhaps most excitingly, your training will be liberally interspersed with frequent unexpected runs to the fire school / main gate / astroturf, depending on how much you and your new oppos **** up, which will be lots.
  4. ....ah yes "the **** ups" ...somebody looking at their feet while standing easy in the gym (amongst other things) was rewarded by 3 rounds of 90seconds of physical exercise induced pain after a hour long circuit session. I'm guessing that sort of of behaviour gets nipped in the bud pretty quickly.
  5. I hate to disagree... but you'll know exactly what kind of session it is going to be. Mostly IMF circuits. It'll say on the timetable what that days session is. You will probably only do a couple of swimming sessions on top of the military swim test. Plus some swimming races in week ten between the two classes which count towards the Ganges trophy.
  6. What did the cirucuts consist of??

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  7. AAF

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    Is milling still part of phys ?, knock seven bells of s*** out of your opponent for one minute, you are/were allowed the use of sparring gloves.
  8. At Fisgard Sqn, we had a massive old oak blackboard that was heavy as ****.

    If you fell asleep during class, the instructors would have a game of noughts and crosses on the board, their opponents being the instructors at the fire school which was half a mile away.

    We'd have the privilege of transporting the board across the entire base between moves.

    Revenge Sqn had a similar thing going on. If you ever saw a lad lugging around an 8 foot long wooden key, you could be sure it was because he'd misplaced his locker key.
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  9. Sprog... :)
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  10. exJenny

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    Bloody 10 weeks training...
  11. Blowing out of your arse and wanting to go home usually, but sometimes we'd get shouted at too.
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  12. A shouting session from the PTI to kick things off assuring us he was very very pissed off. Followed by an epic and elaborate warmup then into this circuit session:
    Star jumps
    Full sits

    30 sec work in 5 sets of each exercise done
    15 second rest between each exercise.

    Believe me..a hell of allot harder than it looks. Guna be practising this format again and again before Raleigh.

    The PTI's are ruthless, short tempered, merciless and petty... But **** me, I have a hell of allot of respect for them. They got a group of 30 strangers to work as efficiently as team in 1 hour. Very impressed.
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  13. Be warned, there's a crab PTI working at Raleigh (safeguard). The fluffy pillow fights are something to behold, as is formation mincing around the gym equipment ;)

    There's also booty PTI's, be afraid, very afraid!!
  14. We had a booty PTI as duty booty (don't laugh) in our block one night.

    In order to enforce a bit of esprit de corps, he got us all out of bed and made us fight until someone drew blood.

    A steaming bat inside a pillow case, wrapped around a thick Scottish lad's (who no one liked) head ensured we all got back to bed reasonably quickly.
  15. What do the swimming sessions consist of?

    don't say swimming.

    What strokes, length ect
  16. Think its swim 50m in under 4 mins in overalls and thread in water for 2 minutes

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  17. Christ, that's gotta be hard, threading bigs the needle?
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  18. Is that it? Sounds too easy to be true
  19. Any stroke ya like also
  20. Its a piece of piss. That's why everyone who does it always passes. Guaranteed.

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