HMS Raleigh pantomime?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Illuminati, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Hi

    Do recruits have to do a pantomime? is it compulsory to participate or is a selection of recruits picked to star in it?

    is it shown to everyone at Raleigh or just the your group?

  2. Jesus, i thought Raleigh taught you to be a sailor, not a prancing thespian?

    Thats what the crabs are for!
  3. I think your involvement with recreational drugs will be discovered pretty soon.

  4. Plenty of Panto scripts for a Makkee-Learnee Chef like your goodself here, Slushers:

    YouTube - ‪swedish chef turtle soup‬‏
  5. Now on a sensible level,...
    Yes every year there is a pantomime.
    Most years they do Les Miserable Bastards.
    This gives the staff and the blokes from the AFCO a chance to stand around in drag, having stacked all there broken furniture in a heap, and pretend they speak French, instead of the usual Ullage, a little known dialect that incorporates English and Navanese, It also gives Wrecker an excuse to dress as the front end of a horse,whilst a newbie gets to hold him around the waist and sniff his ring. That man loves Christmas.
  6. Trust me, in Cornwall, you don't want to be the back end of the horse!!!! Monty will find out why soon enough.:toothy3:

    And to answer the question each class does (or used to) a sod's opera when they are at Pier Cellars but that's only in front of your own class.
    There's enough pantomime watching the Gunnery staff trying to teach the newbies how to march.:winkrazz:

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