Im creating this thread for anyone that has a joining date of the 11th October 2021 for us to get to know each other and share our experiences before we start our careers in the Royal Navy :D

I will be entering on the last intake for the UGAS Scheme

Feel free to post what you guys are joining as and what concerns you may have and maybe further down the line we could make a whatsapp group for everyone too !


War Hero
This has the feeling of a thread that has/had good intentions by an enthusiastic poster but find some other smart arse thought of it first!!

Still, hopefully a couple of lessons learnt.

1. PERSEC, I can still remember the OP's name from her initial post!!!! (now withdrawn)

2. There are always others in the same boat. (Hence why a look using the site 'search function' is always a good place to start).


Thank you I have seen that other thread however this thread is for recruits who are on the 11/10 joining date and is now made with persec in mind :)

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