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when I did my first interview I was tmu’d for dyspraxia (which I’ve grown out of) then at my medical I was tmu’d for an undecended testicle (Yeah yeah I know hilarious) then I got tmu’d a third time for a broken finger I broke 3 years ago but all that’s been cleared now. Other than that I’m healthy and fit but would any of them crop up at the medical at Raleigh and make me medically unfit or will it be fine because I’ve already been through them? I know There’ll be someone to make a joke but as long as my questions answered I don’t mind


It was at my interview, he read it on my medical form and didn’t know what it was and I think he went out to google it and thought it was muscle dysplacia. I did my medical and passed on everything else so I think it was misunderstanding if anything took the piss but sorted it’s self out eventful


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Unless there's been a glaring error made by the AFCO Medical Examiner it would be very unusual for the conditions listed to be a bar from entry after joining. Undisclosed pre-existing medical conditions can result in discharge but if everything was declared and considered fully resolved, then your med records will be screened by HMS Raleigh prior to entry.

It would be a kick in the nuts otherwise ;)

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