HMS Raleigh medical worry


I’m rather worried about the medical at hms Raleigh as early in the year I had a slight neck pain which I went to the doctors for but wasn’t prescribed with anything and passed my doctors medical without a hitch. When I go to Raleigh I think it’ll be about a year since I went to the docs for it. Will this be a problem? Or am I over worrying?


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You should inform your AFCO of any change in status after passing the selection interview, it is in the post interview caution and a condition of entry.

Odds are, it may not be an issue but any undisclosed pre-existing conditions which come to light in the first 56 days after joining can result in discharge for a fraudulent application.

Speak to your careers adviser, see what is advised. If it was declared on the AFCO medical questionnaire you are in the clear, if not, it could go either way, particularly if the condition resurfaces whilst undergoing the rigours of training.

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