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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sam5560, Oct 3, 2012.

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  1. I've searched around and cant find a definite answer :D.

    As I suffer with overpronation and have custom orthotics fitted in all my running trainers. Because the orthotics are shoe specific I'm going to have to have them made before I get to Raleigh which means buying the trainers/boots that will be issued so this can be done before my start date in January.

    Soooo trainers first, are they still issuing Silver Shadows? Or are they issuing UK Gear PT-03s and GT-02s?

    PT-03 SC British Military Edition - Structured Cushioning | Mens Footwear | Products | UK GearGT-02 Urban Multi-Sport Training Shoe - Structured Cushioning | Mens Footwear | Products | UK Gear

    I found one post stating that they were to use them until stocks were depleted and phase in the new trainers.

    Lastly if someone could direct towards a link with the standard issue boots that would be great.

    Sorry if this has been answered before but I did have a good search and it just came up with multiple posts with people asking whether trainers were issued or not.

  2. Thought you were snowed under at UKMCC?? Back to work Jim......

  3. That ****** is in writing!!!! My best oppo is there, doubt he will buy me a wet, knows me too well.
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    Would that change things..?
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  8. No. It would improve things!
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  9. I wouldn't. It's ******* warped!
  10. BZ - Must have been due to your Old Spice - The triangulating JSP-sprouting scrote shot through on my date...:sad:
  11. Ninja will probably correct me if i'm wrong but I was told that you can use your own trainers at Raleigh as long as they are in good condition and clean. I asked the same question at my afco.
    Apparently when you complete your PRNC you get issued your boots then so you will have them before Raleigh, and orthotics are allowed.

    This is what I was told by my afco staff. I over pronate like a retard too.
  12. What's with all this pronating, orthotics and bullshit! I was issued a pair of pusser's daps followed by the command "to the wall bars...go" with the "go" being shouted in a high pitched girly today "mutter mutter..shambles off to Legion"
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  13. The only thing we supplied was our Rugby or pansy football boots
    Pusser daps for every sporting event not requiring boots above.
    1 pair leather heeled boots (best)
    1pair rubber heeled boots (every day where)
    1 Pair of shoes
    1 pair DMS when joining ship (steaming bats)
    1 pair DMS boots (field gun) Brickfields
    Cannot remember stores chief asking me what shoe inserts I would like, he only asked what size you take small, medium or wide fit.
    If any issued footwear was tight, rubbed your feet etc. wear them until they fit nice and comfy, commonly known as break them in.
    Don’t even mention surge wool, woolly pullies, which itched like a twat
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  14. Ninja_Stoker

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    You are required to take a pair of your own trainers to Raleigh as they are on your joining kitlist, but they are worn recreationally, not usually for official service activities unless the training staff make special allowance.

    Orthotic insoles are not a bar to entry & are permitted with service footwear if required or indeed prescribed by the medical officer.
  15. I'll be getting shin splints at Raleigh then... oh well. I passed RAF Halton in 2001 in a pair of silver shadows and it was murder on my spastic legs, and Halton's supposed to be a piece of piss compared to Raleigh. I'll find out soon enough.
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    I bet you blended in with the crowd, then? :wink:
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  17. personally i'd look at running technique rather than gucci insoles and trainers,

    rather than running like an obese elephant landing on your heels, try a mid foot or forefoot landing,
    yes your calves will hurt til you're used to it, but i no longer get shin splints, basically everyones different, and yeah insoles may make you more comfortable, but rather than pussyfooting and babying your feet even more, look at the core of the problem, ie,muscular imbalance or weaknesses, do some training barefoot to improve balance and foot strength, ie calisthenics NOT weights, turning feet into pancakes by dropping plates on them isn't fun,

    walk around the house barefoot, strengthen those feet, when i had really bad shin splints i got reffered to a physio by my gp and they gave me some insoles that cost the best part of 100 beer tokens, but when i didnt use them my legs hurt even more, these insoles also needed replacing every 3 months, and i cant afford to spend nearly 100 quid every 3 months on some bits of plastic,

    so what i done was go minimalist, using my old mans canvas gym shoes from nelsons time, no cushioning, no support, but it made my feet strong as a rhinos horn, problem solved,

    thats my view, may not work for everyone but there you go, sometimes less is more, in fact the US military done a research trial into the differences between gucci technical trainers or bog standard everyone has the same get what your given, and the results were that there was no difference in injury rates between the 2 groups.

    Phys Ed: Do Certain Types of Sneakers Prevent Injuries? -

    of course those foot sponges can be more comfortable, but when you change to boots, or indeed drysuit boots, you cant use those technologies, so chance of injury increases compared to the trainers, just get those feet strong, then it wont matter what you wear.

    Aye, JimLaaad

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