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Hi, could anyone please help me, my son leaves for Raleigh on Sunday and I'm just getting the rest of his kit together, however, it states a white permanent marker is required, I can't find one of these anywhere and I don't have time to buy online, does anyone know where I can get one?
Awwww thank you for this, I'll try locally to see who has them. I know I'm not helping him by doing it all but it's my way of keeping occupied and taking my mind off losing him, soft I know but hey, I'm a mum lol.
He's very independent so I'm sure he will cope down there, and I know he's looking forward to it.
Thanks Janner but I went there today and they were very unhelpful. I've been advised that silver is acceptable and more widely available so I may go for that


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I hope he has learned to iron his own clothes properly before he joins or he will struggle.

He will have had his joining kitlist for several weeks.

Best of luck to him & you!


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Mum, small point but you may want to get your photo off your avatar. It's what we call Personal Security or PERSEC. Your lad will be taught all about it. It just helps to identify you as a service family.;)

You will see that in Ninja's photo he is wearing a false beard to confuse the enemy.
Silver sharpies worked for me. They look white on dark coloured materials. Just make sure he takes a few as he may have to re-write his name on after washing.

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