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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ruby_curry, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. Does anybody know the holiday period dates for HMS Raleigh next year? Bit of a random question i know... :) I know there is an April, August and December break but does anyone know the specific dates for these periods?
  2. Holiday periods?
  3. Phase 1 is thet easy the whole time your there it's a holiday period but I'll post the leave dates tomorrow if your interested?
  4. Periods? hmmmmm when wrens go nuts
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  5. Jack with a gun is bad enough but Jenny with a gun at the wrong time of the month 8O
  6. Lol. Would love it if you posted the leave dates.

    Cheers ears
  7. As promised

    Easter Leave 8th April - 25th April
    Summer Leave 5th August - 5th September
    Christmas Leave 23rd December - 9th January
  8. I concur with these date, we get a copy of them sent to the careers office to pass on. I've even got the date for 2012 for the new recruits just thinking about applying!!!!


  9. Cheers guys. Most appreciated. :)
  10. leave periods?? is training that easy now that you know when you can book holidays. Ive never known my leave dates until the last minute for the last 6 years! I can't even organise weekend leave 8O
  11. Always been the case in training establishments (and I've only been outside 3 years before you start :wink: ). You wouldn't be able to plan courses otherwise.
  12. So have I, shall we start a sweepstake to guess which month the first person to ask what they are will be :D
  13. You sound like my wife. She ahs moaned for the past 8 years that we never knew when I would be getting leave. Now I am at Raleigh I have given her the dates until 2012. She now complains that they are school holiday times and she wont be able to getthe time off work
  14. Can anyone tell me what the holiday periods are for HMS Ralegh 2012 please? :wink:
  15. It was a spoof, there are no leave dates for 2012 as Raleigh will be closed by then. Remember where you heard it first :wink:
  16. All Newbies are to muster below and post messages of panic!!
  17. Does that mean they're now moving the STC branch intial training elsewhere?
  18. Where are the STC going to train then Hereford?

  19. I guess that would be the logical move. Shame though, the STC has a long history at Raleigh. I remember from my basic training seeing them being punished there and when I went to my older brother's passing out parade before me in 1990.

  20. Mmmm, they'd have to move the 'ol STC Boathouse, too, then.

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