HMS Raleigh holiday dates

I’m joining Raleigh this month and know they close for Easter. Does anyone know this years dates? Also, what time do you leave and have to get back to base. I’m looking to fly home for the hols. TIA


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Your travel will be arranged for you at public expense, so you may not get to fly.

Leave is 12 - 29 Apr, but as a Phase 1 recruit you won't get away until Sat 13 Apr because the Friday is a full day of training. Recruits are taken to the rail station early on the Sat morning and have to be back onboard early evening on Sun 28 Apr.
Good to know. I’m an overseas recruit. Will this still apply if my home address is in Spain? Or will I have to stay in the U.K.?
I don’t expect the navy to pay all my expenses but it would be handy to know what the situation is as if I have to stay in the U.K. i need to make arrangsolner rather than later. TIA


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That's a question that your AFCO may be able to answer. The rules on expenses and allowances are tri-service and not particularly easy to read. I don't know how being an overseas recruit works and you'll forgive me if I don't spend my evening trying to decipher the rules for you.

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