HMS Raleigh ginger cat

you must always salute the captins cat :-D

its not a windup theres a ginger cat the runs around walker division (i know becuase we used to have to feed it)
I've just spoken on the phone with the Skipper, HMS Raleigh. Apparently it's the Joss's cat. His name is: Nine Tails. You should only salute him when he is wearing his peaked lid. If you pass him in a corridor you should pin yourself to the wall to make way for him. When he is lidless you must stand stiffly to attention. If you have occassion to address him (if, for example, he curls up in your kit locker just before rounds, then you should address him properly:

Please would you vacate my locker, Staff?

If he won't budge you may need to coax him out by offering him your nutty ration or a freshly caught juicy fish.


Lantern Swinger
Aww the captins cat......that cat disliked me for some reason or another,it always use to run in the bushes when ever i use to talk to it.You always salute that fat cat! But once before i left he let me pet him and he walked behind me half way to the naaffy. mr snaglebutt thats what i use to call him!

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