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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by KyleGlen, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. I'm going to be starting my phase 1 training in about 1 and 1/2 weeks and I was just wondering, is the press ups and sit ups test of the 5th week there? same time you have to do the run in the full time? I have no problem with the run or press ups but my sit ups are awful haha, I should improve slightly before I go but I can't see me improve drastically
  2. You have left it till less than two weeks before joining Raleigh, to start worrying about your upper body strength? That is piss poor.

    The fitness booklet you had, should have been filled in by now. That is including the 3x sets of push ups and sit ups at the end of it.

    I am soon to start my PRNC, still working on my upper body and am bricking it, that it won't be to standard by then let alone for Raleigh!
  3. There was a drop out, I only got told about Raleigh approx 1 month ago and have been training since, so take your shit comments elsewhere.

  4. To be honest he/she is right, a month is more than enough time to improve sit ups/pull ups/press ups. you can improve a little in a week but nothing drastic.

    Should have pushed harder when you found out you where on your way to basic.
  5. if you read, my press ups and run are fine, my run is 10:30 as of 5 minutes ago, I just got back in, I can do the press ups fine it's just my sit ups
  6. Also we got warned on our prnc that most of the people on here just talk shit, noone answered my question which was are press ups and sit ups in week 5?
  7. I'm in agreement with trialslife,
    My AFCO told me to work on my fitness when I passed my RT and everytime I call him for updates he reminds/encourages me
  8. When i passed out (June 12) there was no Pass/Fail test involving Press ups and situps. After our week five RNFT, we got taken to the gym to complete a strength test (think it had something to do with impending RNFT changes in 2013) where we were told to perform press ups and sit ups to a bleep using the correct technique described by clubs. It was emphasised that the test was there to determine form of the body and technique rather than just smashing out high numbers.

    Anyway, you'll be pleased to know your press ups and sit ups will form part of your weekly phys programme (IMF) and you'll get used to doing them!
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  9. Thank you that is all I wanted to know.
  10. Regardless of whether there was a drop out or not, coming on here dripping about your fitness when you have less than two weeks to go is pathetic.

    If that is so, why on earth would you even post on here? Do you not heed warnings?

    Did they not tell you on the PRNC to keep up with your phys until Raleigh?
  11. Haha. Looks like your nickname is going to be fatty shit phys mcflashpants.
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  12. Brilliant

    You only have yourself to blame Fatty Shit Phys Mcflashpants!

    You've had years of waiting to go in! So no excuse

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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