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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jack!, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    Just wondering, when are the fitness tests at Raleigh carried out. I understand that the 1.5 mile run is in the first week, is this correct? When are the sit-up and press-up tests done?

    I have heard many conflicting arguments regarding what happens if one fails these tests. Is it then remedials or a discharge? I'm sure I will be fine but the concept of discharge is terrifying!

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Do you think you'll have problems running 1.5 miles in the required time?
    Then don't worry about it, enjoy it, take it as a big adventure (The Training as a whole that is.)
    Don't sweat the small stuff.
  3. 1.5 Mile is the day after you sign which I think is your 3rd day. If you fail you'll get remidials untill you pass. The PTB Is in wednesday week 5, you have 2 or 3 attempts, if you fail you get put on a 4 weeker in stonehouse to get you fit.
  4. Fitness

    Is it true that if you fail the fitness test you get put on the 4 weeker in the stonehouse ?
  5. No it's not true.
  6. Times have changed! Tougher, more like 3 strikes and your out.
  7. Have you ever known it where people have failed it 3 times ?
    When i run on a track doing about 2-3 laps my legs start to burn. Do you have any tips tonprevent this ?
  8. Train more?....
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  9. errrmmm get fit....
  10. By running more or leg work outs etc?

  11. i'll leave you to work that one out.
  12. Put ice down your trolley's? Run in water?
  13. Carry an extinguisher.
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  14. I had a similar problem. After repeated visits to the doc, he gave me a remedial program. It's quite similar to the one at the link. Hope it helps.
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  15. Raleigh Fitness Test

    New Entry Fitness test is on afternoon of Tuesday in week 1. If fail there are 2 more attempts before discharge unless you fail by more than 15% of time allowed for age. RN Fitness Test is on week 5- again 2 more attempts before discharge. RNFT pass is harder than NEFT. Average improvement seen is 20% across all recruits.
  16. What is the stone house?
  17. Train harder, run with back packs, add weights in the back pack to make it harder, circuit trainning, anything that will keep you running without the burn
  18. Axos, Stonehouse Division is where you go if you get injured or need remedial fitness training, basically your're backclassed until you get fit. It's called Stonehouse after RNH Stonehouse, which was the RN hospital in Guzz (Plymouth to you), closed.
  19. Stonehouse Division is now only used exclusively for injured recruits. There is no remedial fitness training given in Stonehouse Division. If you fail either the NEFT or RNFT more than the allocated number of times then you will be discharged unsuitable during training.
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  20. Stonehouse Division is used to allow those who have been injured in service to regain fitness. Appropriate remedial treatment is dependant upon medical advice and all are given time to recover full fitness prior to recommencing training. Those who just fail the NEFT are retained in their original division. As previously posted if you fail NEFT 3 times you will be discharged.

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