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I am just preparing for my NR interview, I am researching the training requirements which I am going to undertake if I am successful. Does anyone know the final test/fitness test to past out as a rating?

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What do you meen final test? You are tested all through training. You have to pass your 1.5 mile run at least a couple of times with the time reduced each subisquent time . Thats easy enough because youll be getting fitter anyway during training. You have to pass the swim test . You will do have time to enjoy pukeing in the gym with some nice PTI bods with situps pressups and the beep test, running about like a headless chicken . You will have to pass kit musters . If you are fit enough when you go to Raleigh you will have no trouble with the fitness .

So what do you meen final test?


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oh ddnt notice the name time for some digging and a bit of fun

First stab. Billy are you a liverpool fan and look like wayne roony?
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You have an IMF pass out which is a compilation of all your previous IMF sessions. There is no final test to pass but a few hurdles you must overcome to pass out of Raleigh.

1-1.5 miler
2-week 4 kit muster
3-week 7 kit muster
4-piers cellars (Exercise daring leap)
5-dartmoor (Exercise hidden dragon)
6-Final exercise (Exercise bright diamond)
7-DO's rounds
8-Commanders rounds
9-Foot drill
10-weapons drill
11-weapons handling test
12- live firing on the ranges
13-stretcher run

I think that's all of the main events (sorry if I ruined the magic for anyone).

You don't have to know this for your interview so don't hang on to it. Focus on why you want to join, what your job entails and why you chose it. The fleet and brief history of the Navy.

Good luck.

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