Hms raleigh...fact or fiction?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Oliver.J.Curren, May 8, 2011.

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  2. Erm, Welcome


    Aside - Who's turn is it for this one?:glasses9:
  3. oliver think you best get on your bike son!
  4. It's never been closed

    End of topic
  5. PERSEC methinks...
  6. I know that raleigh has been closed, but I dont know the reason behind why. But it has now been reopened and people are passing through its gates to start training.

  7. Aswell as this were you not on an RNAC earlier this week and have this all explained?
  8. FFS I'll bite. Raleigh NEVER CLOSED. The Phase 1 training was suspended for 6 months due to SDSR, the first recruits are arriving as we speak. The other schools stayed open and training continued for career courses in the other schools such as the Fire School, Submarine School, Seamanship School, Logistics School, Naval Military Training school etc etc

    In a nutshell RALEIGH NEVER CLOSED..*pant pant*

    Rant over, move along, nothing to see here.
  9. Oliver I'd suggest you change your username.

    Lovely picture of you stood with a bridge in the background :p
  10. Is it in Berkshire?

    Edited to add: My mistake, I'm over 10,000 miles out.
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  11. I've herd it's been shut due to THEM, STC and 49 Para being there. My mate Baz said to me that they may be involved in some operation in Pakistan and Raleigh fits the requirements for the preperation.
  12. Correct. HMS Raleigh is exactly the same layout as Al Zakwani's house. He even has a ras rig.

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  13. FFS Monty, Persec old bean, nobody knows about that. Navy News even ran an article so nobody would believe it!!!
  14. change it how?
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    ******* nice one. Now i have to shave off my tash and re-apply the harry maskers to my eyes. No drinks for you in the boathouse tonight.
  16. Never mind, you'll feel like a different person in the morning.;-P
  17. Blackrat

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    I feel like a different person now. I think this woman underneath me is dead.
  18. You've met the wife then!

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