HMS Raleigh Entry 6th January 2019

Am join on 17 Febuary, plz have you done with your PNRC at Caledonia? i wanted to ask about the swimming test if you dont mind plz
No please, i wanted to know..
Thank you Boss, i am very grateful.. Please is that the pass or fail one? Because i was told i the pass or fail is swimming 50 meters within 4 mins in your swimming trunk? I want to know how many recruits swim at the time for pass or fail swimming in the our swimming trunk ? Thank Bro.. thanks agn.. Hope you can clarify me..
Swim test in swimming costume 50m is pass or fail yes. 4 people swim at a time. After that you put overalls on and swim with overalls on which isn’t pass or fail but they expect you to pass as it is a pass or fail at Raleigh
WOW... am relieve to hear ... am still working on my water treading water .....i can swim 200 meters without stopping... thank you bro for your clarification ...i will welcome any advice ..... Happy New Year ..wishing you best of everything in 2019...thanks 4 ur time agn....

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