HMS Raleigh - Easter Leave!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Danny86, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. Hello!

    Just wanted to say what a ******* BLAST Raleigh has been so far! I've just completed week 2 and now have 2 weeks off Easter leave (Though, I'd rather just get it all out of the way, but it's compulsory!).

    So who else has been enjoying it so far?
    I'm in Fisgard Division, 39 Port, and I've just been made Class Leader a week ago as well!! Totally didn't expect it, but I'm going to do the best job I can!

    What's the deal with Fisgard then? How comes everyone goes "Ohhhh! o_O " when I tell them what division I'm in?? Some sort of Fisgard stigma?? I've heard of the high standards, could that be it??

    All in all, it's fantastic so far, I've made some of the best mates and have had my life completely improved, even my way of thinking, in just 2 weeks!

    I'd recommend this to anyone!
  2. lo Atkin**** its Stan*** from starboard remember me? im in AET too how you enjoying you leave so far. i been on rumration for ages before joining i never noticed you on here before?
  3. Wheey, Fisgard! I was in Fisgard, had gems of DIs and an excellent DO.

    It used to be just that Fisgard was home to the high ranking and so the standards were alledged to be higher than in other divisions. I've since learnt that, instead of bringing the other divisions up in standards, Fisgard has been made to ease off a little. An ex-Fisgard instructor told me that he'd been doing kit musters with an instructor from another division and was shocked when he let off a girl for having a dirty shirt because 'she'll wash it tonight'. Even though it was the same scabby shirt from the day before because it had the same mascara stain on.

    By the way, there are washing machines on Fisgard top floor where the RNR stay. We never used them, we didn't know they were there! Wouldn't have had the nerve anyway.

    Fisgard's ace, basic's a great experience. Class Leader's hard but at least you get your scran first ;)
  4. omg there are washing machines??
  5. Haha Stan*** alright mate! You'll have to forgive me, not too up to scratch on you Starburst lot, you'll have to wave frantically when I see you next so I know it's you! Did you come pub with us in Plymouth?

    Yeah as Class Leader we get scran first, but I don't bother really! Just chat to my oppo's in the queue, boring eating by yourself by going first!
  6. nah didnt go pub just went straight home was on 12 30 transport got home at four ish, was gonna say im the one with the short hair but thats a bit stupid really. you on MSN? oh in those pics you took on ferry im the one wearing the strippie hoodye yellow and grey colour in corner
  7. OhEmGee, yeah!!!!11!! ;)

    They're for the RNR lot, folks doing RN basic aren't allowed to even know they're there. Some have been known to use them, no-one from our entry though.

    My friends were class leaders so I did succumb to the 'perks' of that little blue star :)
  8. Well done Danny Fisguard used to be across the road from Raliegh,and them lovely pubs in torpoint oh the memeries,keep smiling enjoy the hard work and welcome to the Royal Navy

  9. Well done Danny Fisguard used to be across the road from Raliegh,and them lovely pubs in torpoint oh the memeries,keep smiling enjoy the hard work and welcome to the Royal Navy

  10. Thanks man, I appreciate it!
  11. yup raleigh is good! just finished NMT week and i've got week5 when i go back. the washing machines are invisible to me only stonehouse can see them. as for you fisguard 39rs why do you guys always seem to be in the galley que at exactly the moment we've got 3 secs to eat nd muster i mean i know that were good but i didnt know you liked us that much ;) :dwarf:
    p.s as a class leader you'll either go mad with power or you'll implode and end up crying in the shower while stroking fluffy bunnies! nyway good luck c u guys n gals after leave!
  12. Haha that's sod's law for ya!

    Nah I think I'm doing alright, I'm getting a lot of respect from everyone so it's all fine and dandy at the moment, does get stressful at times though yeah but you just deal with it and move on - got a job to do with people counting on your leadership!
  13. lol port should think themselves lucky, we keep getting marched the wrong way by our class leader who is PVRing on week four anyway, and our deputy cant even call out the timings properly even confuses his own left and rights and puts himself out of step :)
  14. Hahaha then I'm sure you won't be surprised how many people say that about your deputy!! I didn't know G***** was leaving though! I thought he was quite cool lol.

    For some reason some your your Starboard lot won't listen to me :| Like, I'm not their class leader but then PO J**** isn't their DI and they'd listen to him! Like the other day an officer walked past, so I shouted "39 Entry, Hoe!" and only Port and a few Starboard came to attention, I saluted the officer and he made a comment and the ones who didn't come to attention :| Silly really, we're all 'In the same boat' as it were...
  15. well i agree with what your saying, but i think at the moment its coming down to rivalry between the two sides, there actually isnt any times i can remember where starboard and port have needed to work together for anything. when people dont know other people as well its a bit harder to get that respect too. yea garrod is cool but i think he was really missing home whilst at raleigh, we said to him b4 we left to see how you feel at home before you make a decision when the rest of the 4 weeks is up, so hopefully he'll stay, dont really want anyone to go in my opinion. except for Day maybe lol we promised to pay for him for everything in a lapdancing club if he makes it to week 9 without getting backclassed :)
  16. Stanners!! Its me. I know what you mean about g*****. hope he doesnt go though! If Day makes it to week 5 ill ;laugh. He is awful
  17. lol hello mate!! been feeling crap since about a couple of days after i got home, think it was my immunisations had flu like symptons feeling a bit better today now tho. hows you anyway, been partying it up still?
  18. Fisgard - ooohhh puts a cold shiver down the spine.

    Come on people everbody knows that Cornwell Division is the best Division in Raliegh.

    Cornwell 27/07 STBD Hms Raliegh Wacky Wednesday Assault Course Record Holders! Eye Of The Tiger.

    Best of luck with the rest of your training, it well worth all the bullshit. Just remember its all a game.
  19. dont know about you mate but im in pellew an we dont listen to **** class leader cos hes an a***** an the rules say we dont have to unless hes duty class leader.
  20. Yeah but bearing in mind, I was doing it in the interest of everyone; there was an officer walking past and you'd only look like a complete dick if you didn't come to attention.

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