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Do they teach maths and English at HMS Raleigh on top of all the basic military stuff. I ask because I'm waiting to be an AET and I'm a bit rusty on my maths. Even though I'm doing revision at the moment I'd feel a lot better if I new they taught at Raleigh also. My maths comprehension is probably fine but I'm always full of doubts.

Also, I know this is a daft question but just how difficult is the six month training to be an AET? In general, I know it would depend on the individual.

I heard that whilst training to be an AET you're left plenty of free time to do extra work if you need to or if you just want to do really well in your tests, true?
Sorry (again), asked before I searched; Naval Maths and English Test. One question though, do you take this test in the beginning weeks when you arrive, or is it more near the end after you've had plenty of time in the classrooms to learn?


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I'll be in the same boat as you my friend.

Unfortunately I seem to lack the Mathematical skills as they resemble something of a monkey's numeracy.

Is the NAMET examined the same to all new recruits at all levels or is it streamed for particular tradesmen/women? Reason I ask is that AET needs something chronic to pass I would guess going by the Aptitude test?

Saying that, if you can pass the aptitude test, I would hazaard a guess that with proper time limits for each question, us lacking in the numeracy department will have an advantage to actually think before scribbling a mess of an answer?

I think just revision should do you proud matey.. Don't over-do it though, judging by reports of HMS R. its hard enough!
you will both be fine do not worry. namet or lantern(the new test supposedly for you to use in civvie street) has different levels which if you pass allows to be promoted to next rank which basically means you will sit test and can resit until you reach required level for promotion.If your maths is not good and you are going AET then i suggest on completion of your training you do your maths GCSE at the education centre which is free and is done normally during the working day.This will then ensure that when you go on Leading Hands course life will be easier. BUT do not worry about this now the instructors at Sultan will help and want you to pass and if you are struggling speak up.


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For what it's worth the new AET course (Phase two training) does have a fair bit of maths in it. You will have exams almost weekly (not all in maths!) whilst on course &, not wishing to worry you unduly, some really do struggle.

If you've been out of full time education for a little while & are not using maths regularly through your current job, it's inevitable you'll be rusty. It's up to you to get up to speed before you join.

To give yourself the best possible chance of successfully passing as an AET, I'd recommend you do a fair bit of maths revision (GCSE) before you join as you won't have time once you join.

You may not relish it now, but you'll thank me for that later, honest. Remember the old adage: "By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail" this is particularly applicable for AETs seeking "fast track" promotion.
Thanks for the info everyone!

Saying that, if you can pass the aptitude test
I was shocked when I found out I passed my aptitude test. I think I scored an 82 with my lowest mark coming from my maths. There used to be a second aptitude test for those entering technical trades which did scare the s*** out of me when I first looked at it.

I know it isn't a question of intelligence. I'm a clever person. I have a levels and was recently in university doing an English lang and lit degree. It's just that I haven't done maths since I was 17 and I'm now 20. I have been revising but it doesn't seem to stick in my head!

"By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail"
I know just how true this is after failing my first PJFT!


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Wow, another person who seems identical to me.

I don't know my score, but my lowest was my maths. So much so he thought that I may have a bit of trouble with the maths side of the AET training but be fine on everything else.

My brother has just completed a BA Hons. Degree 2.2 in History with a D grade in his mathematics GCSE and I did my A-Levels with a D.

I don't think you're not intelligent, but you're the same as me. I need to practice and practice and practice to make a difference in my maths.

I'll tell you a little secret though, I got a D in my maths 3 times. Twice due to 2 marks in my exam paper (both times!) what let me down? the coursework I did 3 years prior to that and the fact I could not re-do it.

I had a tutor for 6-8 weeks and I improved enough to score well over 70% in my exam.

Just revise and practice.

You'll be fine - (when are you joining btw?)
I'll tell you a little secret though, I got a D in my maths 3 times. Twice due to 2 marks in my exam paper (both times!) what let me down? the coursework I did 3 years prior to that and the fact I could not re-do it.
I don't even have a maths GCSE. As far as I'm concerned academically I have a history of underachievement due to negligence and failing to prepare. However I'm older now and more responsible. I turned up to my maths exam 5 mins late so they wouldn't let me do it! I went for it again the next year and after hours and hours in the classroom they told me I couldn't do it because they put someone else’s name on the test paper!

You'll be fine - (when are you joining btw?)
I have my PJFT at 1:30 tomorrow and I'm confident I'll pass. After that it's straight down to the AFCO to hand them my pass paper so that they can send it off straight away and start bidding for me. Hopefully I'll know within the next week!


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The Gym send the paperwork off matey! You get a copy.

I would take your GCSE maths. I passed my PJFT last week and presume I'll be going in late october or early next year.

If that is so for you, I would suggest ringing up your old school and booking in an exam. If you're revising now you should atleast be able to scrap up a D or something. Always looks better on the CV.

Other than that, I don't really know.

All the best though mate, let us know how the PJFT went.
The Gym send the paperwork off matey! You get a copy.
I've been told by my careers adviser to give him my copy as soon as possible and then he'd start bidding for me right away. The gyms take too long to send the paperwork off so if you do it yourself you can skip a couple of weeks.

I was going to do my maths GCSE that way but then I thought, no point, it would be best to do it whilst I'm in the navy.

I passed my PJFT last week and presume I'll be going in late october or early next year.
I was told on friday that AET's will likely join in November/December. There's nothing worst than waiting in my opinion. I hate it!


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Corr don't mate.. I'm doing agency work at the moment and its driving me mad. Every so often you get a dry spell and there are no 'good' jobs about. Right now i'd be better off on benefits! Oh well..

I was told the gym send them off right away, which I was again reminded the same day I did the PJFT.

All the best though mate, get some sleep and drink plenty of water otherwise you'll do it in 11:33 like me - TIT!
I really have to ask, are these ET thingies the new Tiffs? If so, i despair for the future, I`m sorry. What do Officers need now to join up? Just write their name in English?
New joiners who wish to join as engineering ratings now join as ETs as opposed to the old system where you joined as a mechanic or an artificer.


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Nope, "ET" (ET[ME], ET[WE] & AET) are the posh new names for MEM, WEM & AEM.

They're most definitely not 'Tiffs, in as much as there are no GCSE's (O levels) required, the recruiting test scores are the same as that required for the former MEM, WEM & AEM except the AET doesn't do a further Maths test.

Training times are also the same as the former MEM, WEM & AET, most definitely not 4 years!

As for Officers, they have to spell it correctly too.


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Tiffs are no longer recruited. I think the last class joined last January.

Weird isn't it?

Give it 5 years & they'll be re-invented by some bright spark. (A bit like the WE branch, which took a bit longer to re-invent)

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