HMS Raleigh, Class 241, October 1964. Planning 50th Anniversary

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Nigaramus, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. Raleigh 1964 : I am trying to organise a re union for Class 241, who joined Raleigh in October 1964. Petty Officer Atkins was our instructor. My service number was D085334B, so you must be somewhere around there. Have a class photo and have remembered some names - Dave Kitson, Barry? Hutton, ? Disley, Jimmy Glass, and Buck Taylor from Torpoint. So if you were there get in touch. It will be 50 years in 2014, so we need to get moving. Please contact - Roger Clements: [email protected] or myself: [email protected]
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  2. Hi,Roger,Just seen this post as joined today,getting a bit nostalgic,I joined Raleigh around that time,my name is Barry Dean i was 18 but don't know what class i was in,i remember i had to do swimming lessons every service number is D085290W so near yours,i then went on from there to Hms Chatham to do a cooks course.I have a pic somewhere of me standinding outside one of the nissan huts.
  3. Niggs,
    I joined on the 14th September 1964, as an Electrical Mechinician Apprentice (later CCEMech)- I was included into the seaman class and P.O. William (Bill) Hamson was our Instructor, there were two other Mech Apps and we three spent a lot of our instruction time across the road in HMS Fisgard. One of my classmates, oppo and townie is David (Pusser) Hill, who went to be a MAA.
    I like you went into boats. So my 50th is coming up too - Anyone else care to join in with us old farts!
  4. P.S re HMS Raliegh

    My O/N is D085205W
  5. I joined a fortnight after you and my O/no. ends 210. I remember Bill Hamson and Pusser Hill but no other names.
  6. My name is Gary Mazzei,I joined in August of 1964 as an ME2.P.O.M.E Woods was our instructor.I live in the USA now and am retired from Shell Oil.I sure would like to hear from my classmates from 132 Class.Bill Whaley was our Class leader and I was Deputy Class leader.We all went on to serve in HMS Lion and from there many other ships.My email address is [email protected]
  7. Your best bet is to see if there is a "Lion" group on facebook.

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