HMS Raleigh - Civvy Clothes?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by joeG, Aug 31, 2015.

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  1. Ive been told to arrive at Raleigh in suit pants, shirt and tie. Should i take regular civvy clothes too? if so what is acceptable and how many sets should i take?
  2. Don't bother taking any civvy clothes. You won't get a chance to wear them anyway. You will be in uniform pretty much from the beginning to passing out. You'll wear your smart clothes to your PO's Dinner.
  3. I take it you mean trousers unless you're American? If your not a septic, make sure your dung hampers are clean because you'll certainly stand out from the crowd at Plymouth station ;)
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  4. yeah ok i mean trousers hahaha so i dont need any extra civvy clothes? ive heard about this union street so if i manage to get a day off do i need jeans an that?
  5. A day off? hahahaha <---- Imagine laugh in an evil voice

    The closest you get to civvy clothes is your bedwear!
  6. You don't get a day off bud, you get shore leave in week 9 but you'll be in your 3's.
    Raleigh is full-on, you get used to it though.
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  7. Don't take any civvy clothes. I believe you get shore leave end of week 7 and week 9 but you go to Plymouth in uniform - you can buy new clothes for your PO dinner!
  8. No shore leave in week 7 I'm afraid, that's kit muster and dartmoor week. Which certainly come with their own charms if you smash both. Rest of what you said is spot on though.
  9. I'm sure my senior class had 2 shore leaves! Must be wrong.
  10. We got shore leave after kit muster and dartmoor this year
  11. Bloody Hell, is Jack Blair and Louis Bernard still ripping off Jack? :(
  12. I'm just going to say yes... :confused:

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