HMS Raleigh, Chef Apprentice.


I am hopefully going to start training in October in HMS Raleigh.
I was just wondering can anyone tell me what all will happen the day I arrive and what kind of a schedule I'd have?


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Arrive Sunday night get put in a 6 person mess in Sir Galahad block. Start 8:15 Monday morning with a series of lectures with different RFA staff/officers for the whole week. Get your uniform that week as well.

Normally finish about 16:45 each day and the weekends are yours from about midday.

After the first week, weeks 2-4 are functional skills. Which is a week each of English, maths and ICT.
It's a government apprenticeship requirement

After week 4 you go off and learn how to cling film food and prepare cheesy hammy eggies, for a few months then join your ship.


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You finish midday Friday til 0815 Monday. The weekends are yours to do whatever you can find to do. Even go home if you want.

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Screw in bulb for bedside lamp, memory foam mattress topper, your own duvet cover and bedsheet, washing tablets, multiple padlocks, (there's loads of lockers) electric teasmaid, cuddly toy!


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My start date was the 1st of the month, which was a Monday.
I travelled on the Sunday as required which was the last day of April.
About a week into the course I had notification that I'd been paid £30 for Sunday even though my contract officially started the day after.
So in a long winded way the answer is yes!