HMS Raleigh.23rd Sept 07

Hey there all,im a newbie.Anyone on intake this Sunday 23rd Sept 07. Going to HMS Raleigh for training new 9 weeks of basic.Im going in as a Warfare Specialist, Submariner, Sonar/Tactical. Would be great to get to know you.Traveling from Coventry.Wish me luck and will keep you all posted. Steve.
Does anyone know what they have russled up to fill a ninth week with? At my pre-joining brief was told it was 8 weeks when I queried it was told "maybe", but they knew northing about it oter some rumour from people who had recently completed the course, good to see the communications are up to normal standards!

And by the way I will be at Raleigh the week after you Steve.
Hey Phil,all I know about the new 9 weeks basic is that they have extended it and that the first week is intended on admin,medicals,fitness assessments and to settle in mate.If I find out will more will let you know. Will keep an eye out for you. Good Luck and enjoy it.Im nervous but I cant wait 2 start now.
Hi and welcome to RR.

Good luck with your basic training xx

Just a little advice; it would be a good idea to possibly not mention your full name on a website like this. It's called PERSEC, basically, keepin gyour private info, private for security reasons xx


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Good luck Steve, by f**k we need a few of you lot to get through training and help out the boys on the boats. Dont get too p**sed off with have wet hands from scrubbing out, it gets better with time! :thumright:


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Steve: Welcome and good luck also. Hopefully none of the submariners notice you've got a Coxswain's badge on your avatar and hound you out of Rum Ration..! 8O :twisted: :lol:
Hi i know this may sound stupid but i have read though the list of stuff i need to take with me to basic and it doesnt say anything about an ironing board do i need to take one thanks.
thanks ninja i already have my steam iron infact my bag is packed all i need to do is add the clothes lol (i think my mum is trying to tell me summet lol) i just fought i better be safe than sorry lol.

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