Hms raleigh 17th july 2011

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cricket00, May 19, 2011.

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  1. Hi just wondered if any one else has this starting date??:-D
  2. Current July intakes.....
    July 2011

    AdamGreyAET (10th) AET
    Jimmyd (10th) AET
    youngson (10th) WS
    Sarahnk (17th) Logs
    cdt_ (24th)
    jacobmartino007 (24th) logs

    seems there are only two cricket00.....................not forgetting all the recruits that do not subscribe to this forum.
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  3. Thats great news! what are you going in as and when did you pass your RT?

  4. My guess is cook and he took his rt back in 1998!
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  5. Hi thanks i am very excited. i took my rt in march 10 and going in as a writer. also im a girl not a boy lol cheers Ashcroft22!!!! :)
  6. March 10 jealous!Think we'll be flying around with jet packs when i get my date.Still make the assault course that bit easier!
  7. Don't be silly, why would we regress to those.
    Do try to keep up.;-P
  8. Candidate for STC branch?
  9. Highly recommended.
  10. When did you sit your RT?
  11. Do you not think you should indicate who you are addressing?
    Feb 28th 1965.:pirat::laughing1:
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Whose undressing?
  13. Thats lucky for you. I'm joining as a writer also and I sat passed my RT in April 10. I have been told not to expect a date until March 2012 which seems a big wait compared to passing just one month after you :(
  14. Lol deano you've been had there my son!Them boys down the recruiting office must'nt have liked cut of your gib!
  15. When i was in my Rnac last month there was 6 lads joining on 10th of July. Have you done your Rnac? I found it extremly enjoyable and a great foundation for raleigh.

    I applyed 2 weeks apart from my friend, he joined last October. Nearly a year later i have my date.
    So i do i understand, but the information i get is so helpful when you have friends in Phase 2 already.

    Good luck with your dates, and i'm sure we will see each other at some point.
  16. I'm Joining 10th July

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