HMS Raleigh - 12th June Aet

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ChrisSimms, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I am entering the Royal Navy as an AET on the 12th June 2011 and i would like some information on the day to day role as an AET and also life at HMS Sultan.

    I have researched this an awful lot, however you can never get enough advice...


  2. You get to work on the clicky bed of your choice, however sometimes you just have to lump with what you are given
  3. Work on the clicky bed?
  4. Yes a clicky bed you know a folding bed which you sun bathe on
  5. Ahh right i understand
  6. Clickey bed on the flight deck while flying stations are stood down and all the rest of the ships company are still below deck. Buy yourself some Fearnought Factor 50 suncream you may need it . Hopefully your days as an AET are less stressful than being part of the ships co. Don't forget to find where the scran queue is as you need to be there 30 mins before ships co watchkeepers are there! make sure you take as much as the chef allows you so that there's less choices for the ships co . When you are due alongside make sure you have been ready to go ashore at least 2 hours before you get alongside and wander around in the mess in your gash civvies so the ships co know you will be offski as the gangway hits the jetty ensuring you have a watchkeepers chit in hand although you haven't been on watch for 24 hours !. You should be rebriefed on that info on your 1st week of WAFU training and it will stand you in good stead for the rest of your naval career....Good luck on being the most hated department in the RN :)
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    And this one you spastic.
  8. Sultan aint as bad as everyone says, as long as u get your head down and revise for the tests then the academic side isnt that hard... some decent nights out in the surrounding area, emmas on a weds or thurs (cant remember which) is a good crack if u dont mind shagging water buffalo. food is a bit shit on base, accomodation is crap as well. if you are going to choose yeovil as your airstation i highly recommend learning to cook before going if you cant already. i havent eaten in the galley for about 6 months at the moment. the food is absolute shite. the day to day job is good though, mostly consists of after and before flight servicing, marshalling the a/c up and back, and doing routine maintenance... when your a/c is in the sky or not doing much u can usually chill out watching jeremy kyle or playing the boys at table tenning in the crew room... good luck
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  9. **** me, them's some salty dit's!! Chris, PM me if you want a tad more infomation.
  10. Spaz Spelling.
  11. Sounds bloody good to me....and not hated when the mail was flown aboard and only hated cause you will be the creme de la creme....jealous fish heads.

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