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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by craigredline, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys.
    Im due to go to Raleigh on November 27th 2011 (AET).
    Came back from the RNAC (or Rating Preparation Course as its now called) at HMS Caledonia (for the 2nd time since I applied) on thursday just gone.
    We were told there is a new element to the Phase 1 training called the IMF (Initial Military Fitness. Adopted from the Swiss apparently). Does anyone have any more info on this just to give me a better idea of what to expect?

    Also, this is a long way off as seen as Im not even in yet, but, whats the score with applying for the Tri-Service Commando Course and what would its advantages be should I do it and pass?

  2. Hello i am sure someone will give you the correct answer but i am guessing its the Swedish P.T?? I read in the navy news about it, and it was the PTI standing at the front and the recruits copied what they did, a circuit on the spot, all the usual body weight exercises.

    It is supposed to be fitness and discipline at the same time.
  3. You get a green hat
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  4. Mate the Swedish "designed" PT you are refereeing too is simply PT to a beat.... or Drill PT. Our armed forces have been doing it for a while but to a lesser extent.

    Expect lots of to the left PACE!! and "enthusiastically timed" PT exercises.

    Any in any case they cant ask anymore than everything you have got. So give it to them and you will be fine.
  5. You mean yoga?
  6. No i mean putin the effort in and ironing your shit correctly.
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  7. I prefer egyptian PT myself, particularly when its harry roughers..... but then I am a wafu.
  8. As you've stated you are a wafu, Im feeling that as I am joining as a wafu and dont quite understand what you said actually ment then Im possibly being a bit thick here. Or arnt I? lol
  9. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    ? WTF?:pissedoff:

    The All Arms Commando Course has been done to death on these boards. If our resident green hatted RN officer is in the house and has a notion, he may repeat himself so you don't have to exercise some initiative and use the search engine. On the other hand.....

    Everything after basic which you've yet to start is more than a long way off. Walk, then run.
  10. Talking of the 10 week course has anybody been on it, survived and come back on the site to spill the beans?
  11. Egyptian PT involves getting into the horizontal position during the day, possibly under the duvet (actual) or on top (simulated) and getting your head down!! As a young wafu, you need to find a spot where (when onboard) you don't get caught by the XO or Capt.....
  12. We had a couple of phase 2 recruits at collingwood for the prnc that have done the new course, they actually complained about not doing enough phys!
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The common theme from recruit feedback prior to the introduction of the extra week & name change (Care for an MBE, anyone?) was the observation that it was not as strict as expected, nor was there as much (non-egyptian) PT sessions as anticipated.

    I've not seen any trainee feedback from Raleigh yet, but there is an apparent statistical drive to link INT failure with non-attendance on RPC/PRNC.
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  14. I saw weight loss of a couple of stone after 3 weeks and a decrease in run time of over a minute after 5 weeks. I saw an intitial lack of confidence in physical prowess change to a confidence in the ability to handle any further phys in training.
  15. Went through phase1 at raleigh 8th may, was the first group through the 10week course.

    IMF is not hard on its own, just get loads more thrown in. our pt sessions use to be press ups and sit ups, then run down to astro turf gate and back then IMF (which is just exercising all in 1 big group in time while standing on a spot), then rope work. they build the sessions up as the weeks go on. The hardest thing we did was interval training!

    The pt sessions were designed to push each individual and aslong as u put the effort in you cant go wrong!
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  16. If its good enough to get on its good enough to get in! For those unaware, to get the same effect you must spend 2 hours on it compared to only 1 hour in it.
  17. And the above equates to 20 minutes in it naked.

  18. Did you not do the streacher run!!!
  19. As long as you're reasonably fit to start with, you shouldn't have any problems getting through either of 'em, Craig; that said, if you're carrying a bit of timber round the middle it would help to get shot of it as soon as you can. If you smoke, then lay off 'em for a bit to give your airbags a fighting chance - a lot of the training is about stamina and recuperation times.

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