HMS Queen Elzabeth

Commissions tomorrow but Local Weather Forecast is far from ideal:

'Thursday Occasionally heavy rain, strong winds with coastal gales will clear around midday, then a sunnier afternoon, but increasingly cold.
Fresh northwesterly winds developing. Becoming frosty overnight with isolated wintry showers.'

On the bright side: <<Carrier Ale will be sold in exclusive bottles via the brewery’s online shop,
with 5p from each one sold being donated to The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

Brewed with a 3.6 per cent alcohol content, its creators say the pale ale has a malt led flavour with a ‘classic strong hop flavour and finished with crisp bitterness.’>>

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Especially for @dapperdunn

<<... PO Allen said he was not feeling pressure and was instead excited about the task at hand.

Describing the menu, he revealed it was very much a 'team effort' and that the Queen picked from a number of options sent to the palace.

'She has got a salmon tian for starter, for main course she has got a double rib of (British) lamb with a bean cassoulet,' he said.

'And for pudding she has got a burnt blood orange tart :oops: with poached meringue.'

PO Allen said there was no real theme to the dishes being served, just that the chefs came up with the ideas and tried to create something new.

On Thursday a team of 48 chefs will have to feed more than 3,700 mouths, a number which also includes the ship's company and their families, plus a charity dinner that evening.

PO Allen added: 'It will go right, then we can all sit down for some beers afterwards.'

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Leaving Gib (with ffing Crabs on board)
Among those Prima Donnas 'twould appear there was a Maradona pilot/chef aboard, too!

<<...‘Whilst turbulence is normal, one of my pilots has described it as the ‘Hand of God’ grabbing you and pushing you down...>>:confused::confused:

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Gibraltar? Didn't happen - no mention of Gib during 'more than a month away at sea conducting helicopter flight trials.':rolleyes:

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