HMS Queen Elzabeth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Discovery5, Oct 19, 2017.

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  1. Some excellent pictures of the our latest carrier operating with the US Navy. These are available on Daily Mail online. The best picture is of 2 F18 super hornets carrying out a a flypast. Had they built the carriers to the original specifications they could have landed on it as well. That would have been good.
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  2. -

    that should help your dribble on it's way to the gash barge.
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  3. So what you are saying is that given the opportunity and the money you would have voted for a enlarged Invincible class instead of a carrier capable of using both types of aircraft.
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    You'd only find something else to moan about.
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  5. You have an agenda , you have been shot down numerous times by serving ranks/ratings that use this site and still you persist , your assumption that your input has any value is misplaced , come and play in Lil's as CA is out of your league.
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  6. Found this gem hidden amidst the mainly-rubbish comments beneath that article:

    << During a discussion with Michael Foot about Charles’ and Diana’s honeymoon on the royal yacht Britannia, the Queen said King Carlos of Spain had telephoned to complain about the couple’s planned visit to Gibraltar.

    According to Roy Hattersley, Her Majesty said to Foot: ‘I told him he’s my son, it’s my ship, and it’s my dockyard!’
    Whereupon Foot informed her: ‘The first Elizabeth couldn’t have put it better, ma’am!’ By: James October 19, 2017 at 23:08>>

    IMHO A highly unlikely 4th- or fifth-hand dit but a good one nonetheless.:)
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  7. Have we ever had a Queen Elzabeth ? , nope... thought not.
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  8. The massive John F Kennedy docks in Malta
  9. and ?.
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  10. So? It can get into Rota too.
  11. Just had a look at Google maps.
    The sat imagery shows a flat-top alongside in Gib.
    NATO Flight deck code C?

    On second thoughts it could be HMS Ocean with something parked over the O!!
  12. Where the Nimmitz class goes there can our QE. Draught is a problem in places like the Cruise dock in Gibraltar for both-- JFK 12 metres QE 11 metres Gibraltar 9.6 metres. Valetta clearly ok.
    In Gibraltar The North Mole and western Arm Berth 7 has the deepest draught but that is only 11metres it has a length of 245 metres.
    QE length 280metres draught 11metres.
    The few decent runs ashore remaining will be getting fewer and fewer with the new giant carriers vying for berths around the world where they can fit in. Always assuming the massive new cruise ships will move out of the way for them. Rich tourists or impoverished matelots . Who'll get vacant berths?
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  13. Missed that Bob , post deleted.
  14. ^Mine too, :WINK:
  15. That TH strikes me a as a fellow with far too much time on his hands.

    But on the whole, that wasn't actually too bad - normally any comment section about the QE class gets my blood pressure going.

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