HMS Puma 1966-1969

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Offshore, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Anybody out there remember HMS Puma 1966-1969. Must have been the biggest collection of P..s Heads ever assembled. What a commission that was.
    This is just a flag to see if I'm on my own or not !!!
  2. Left it in 1966 at Capetown to get demobbed[just in time for the World cup!]
    Glad it stayed true to tradition as the previous two years were a blur,but a good blur.
    Saw some great countries,started off at Gib,sailed around the Cape to Aden stopping in every tin pot dictators country to show the flag.
    Had some great times.
    Was the GA2 seaman gunner in charge of the Bofor.
  3. Joined in'71.

    She had just returned from the West Coast of the U.S.A.

    The tradition was upheld, believe me.

    Example: I wasn't in the greenies mess, I was in the jungle.

    I was warned unsuitable for advancement and awarded a V.G. Mod!!
  4. Joined during refit in '67 and left at Singapore in '68. Well remember the trip, Gib, Gold Coast (under stoppage of leave for loosing ID card in Gib), Capetown (great run), Beira Patro, Mombasa, Aden withdrawal, Singapore, Hongkong, Bangkok, banyan at Paula Tioman, then home to UK for promaotion course.
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  5. Knew a schoolie who briefly served in HMS Puma, will PM you Offshore ;)
  6. thats me all right ..young RO2(T).. served with Chad Ellis.. Pete Brown..Swampy Dave Marsh..Bill Boston OEM... spelndid football team we had... did the world... Monterey and all that... any of you out there..
    can't remember having any snotties on board though.. Skipper was nicknamed bIshop of beira.. jimmy was the worst.. caldecott i think
  7. My Dad was in Puma in the 60's, he was one of those that fought the fire onboard that took her out of commission for a year. Think it was in the boiler room spaces.

    I've got the model puma (big cat not ship) on a wooden plinth that was presented to him afterwards. Think he ended up in the sick bay from smoke inhalation or summat.

    If anyone has first hand knowledge of the fire please PM me.
  8. I'm trying to find a sailor that my mum knew back in the mid 60's and she would like to contact him. He served on the Puma and his name was Malcolm Baldwin (Yorkie) and he was a petty officer, he was friends with a guy called soapy. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  9. Aren't they all ???
  10. Served on Puma from 1964 to Dec '66. Done round UK trip in '65, S Africa & S America '66. Got the commisioning book somewhere, must look for it.
  11. I joined Puma around 71, spent a good part of that draft up in Norwegian waters if memory serves me well
  12. Wasn't a patch on the Nike and the Reebok

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  13. I served on the Puma from 1965 - 1967. I was the best commission of my serving career. Round the UK trip in 65 was brilliant, then off down to South America and South Africa. Who can forget the dash from Daryls nightclub in Capetown to South Georgia?
  14. John David--- Puma 69-71 before that Scarborough and Torquay. Then The Royal Yacht--hope he didn't bring about her demise.
    Put out to grass 1975.
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I did that S America trip in HMS London, Bermuda-Houston-Panama-Callao-Valparaiso-Punta Arenas-Punta del Este-Rio-Snoekie. Join the Navy and see the world! Seem to remember Puma had lost an anchor somewhere and had a not-matching replacement picked up in the Falklands ex HMS Sparrow. As diesel ships the 'Cats' had long legs which is why they ended up as the S Atlantic sqn.
  16. I served on Puma same commision as you and also the one before. (loved the South Atlantic Squadron). Darks...many a good night there, journey back to Simonstown, early doors for the "crushers" to be on the platform . Anyone from Puma, in the van. Down to the dockyard, ready to slip and on our way to the Falklands before we could get changed. Glad to have contact with a shipmate.
  17. I was In Puma same time. Seaman. Did the commission afterwards too.
  18. I was on the happy ship Puma 67 to 69. Great memories of that commission. Previous ship was the Jaguar where we were based at Simonstown and spent a year showing the flag all over the Southern Hemisphere. Puma was memorable for the superb catering and the wonderful atmosphere aboard. I think the Skippers name was Cunningham and I remember him in tears when lower deck was cleared when he left for a new posting.
  19. my Dad served around 58/59 able seaman george bushell, would be so good to put him in touch with any of his old mates who are still live an kicking
  20. My dad was on board at an earlier time , and he was quiet a boozer to say the least

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