HMS Prince Of Wales To Arrive In Portsmouth on Saturday, November 16th 2019


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HMS Prince of Wales will be passing the Round Tower this Saturday at 2PM.

The second Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier started her journey back in May 2011 when the steel was first cut. Now she has completed the first stage of sea trials and is entering her new home for the first time!

(HMNB Portsmouth's page on Facebook)
Well, can't upset the snowflakes .....everything it seems (well almost) particularly in journalism, politics and it seems, ships are gender neutral.....
^Just hoping that the wretched down market 'journos' who 'christened' QE with un-holy water as 'Lizzy' don't come up with 'Prinny' for the P of W.

Fine view of the latter's two distinctive islands this morning from the QA hospital on the slopes of Portsdown Hill.

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