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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Tanzi, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. No, not that hulk moored in the Thames where you went for your medical before signing up, Whitehall w/t.

    You know: TARE, the Silver Cross, living with the Jennies in Queensgate Terrace or with the crabfats in Stanmore.

    I had stints at both. At Queensgate the fire escape was via the roof and the only access on the Jennies side - so on the top floor of the matelots side was a locked fire door with the key in a glass cabinet. Needless to say, it didn't take a genius to work out how to remove the key without breaking the glass and invite the gals around!

    At Stanmore the RN block was run by a PO Cox'n called Cook. A very relaxed atmosphere prevailed and opposite sex sleepovers regularly (discreetly) occurred. Ah, happy (single) days.
  2. That “Hulk†moored up the Thames, along with its sister ship HMS Chrysanthemum, was London RNR for many years. I spent many a happy night on those two ships before dropping the second R.

  3. Whitehall W/T.

    Sweet memories of a pint of Watney’s Red Barrel for two and six (Yuk).
    Taking a short cut across Horse Guards parade and being chased by a
    couple of Guards in their Cowboy boots and shiny hats.
    Having a quick chat to Brian Rix at the stage door of the Whitehall theatre.
    The Tea Bosun on the afternoon watch with his trolley and toasted fried egg sarnies.
    Trapping Jenny in the Rax room at three in the morning.
    The single sprung beds and itchy mattresses.
    Quoting ACP 127 to bollock the Americans at Northwood who could never get it right.
    The Cross Office checkers, the lift down to the
    tunnels, the Trafalgar switchboard and the STRAD machine.

    Tanzi, I've got to stop, you’ve just brought a tear to my eye.

    Jerry (RNDPCS) Snags Bosun
  4. Ahhh, happy memories. Was on HMS Chrysanthemum before we moved to HMS President. It was the meeting place of both the RNR and RNXS. Happy days!
  5. OK. Apple logies to those who didn't join thru Acton recruiting office.

    On yer Jerry! Remember filling up the guards boots with chaff from the reperfs. You're right - if you worked in TRC then RU..... never stopped - even on Christmas Day - bloody yanks!

    I worked Malta and Gib for a while and Rax was a bloody nightmare. Especially when Smith was meeting with Wilson on Tiger - Flash messages everywhere and lost the link to Gib. Everyone calm except Chief of the watch at 30,000 feet ! Anybody would think he'd never seen a flash before. Happy days.

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