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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by stabradop, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi all

    I am interesting in joining HMS President and was wondering if you guys could give me some advice.

    1. What's the unit attendance like on a typical drill night? I used to be in the TA and there was a very low attendance level of junior ranks so am just curious.

    2. Is the social side ok?

    3. Is it possible to do the PONE course? I am out of work at the mo so I have plenty of time on my hands :oops:

    This may seem strange but it's not like I can just pop into the unit like I could with my old TA regiment so figured I would take advantage of any advice that you all could give. If anyone would like to PM me instead feel free, and don't worry I am not a journo :lol: .

  2. 1. ~100 usually about 50 officers, 50 ratings
    2. Yes
    3. Not sure give them a ring 0207 480 7219
  3. As far as I know, the PONE course has now been discontinued with the reintroduction of Direct Officer Entry (talk to the careers office for details as it is still very new).
    'Direct' officer entry, from what I've heard, will mean completing the New Entry syllabus and then going to AIB without doing Raleigh, so there is still some general grounding but the jury is still out over not doing Raleigh.
  4. That's nice. One Officer for every Rating. Ermmm. :roll:
  5. Both London RNR RTCs suffer from having too many Officers to the number of Ratings and it will only get worse with Officer Direct Entry coming in.

    Too many stock brokers believing that if they join they should be an officer just because they are a manager in their civvie careers, rather than considered what they could be of most use for the RN.
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    How times change - when I joined back in the mid-80s, the JRs mess was full to the gunwales of people in "professional" type careers trying to avoid the wardoom and the added responsibility; conversely there was an element of the wardroom using their Commission for social climbing!
  7. If I was a cynic I would consider it was so that they had some fancy dress to wear at weddings.

    Just as well I ain't!
  8. "If I was a cynic I would consider it was so that they had some fancy dress to wear at weddings"

    Thankfully only a few of those types are left now...
  9. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Been replaced by the cock & arse party set! :)
  10. Thanks for the replies folks. One other thing, how big is the GSSR side at HMS President? Thats the branch I am most interested in. Also, in that branch do you do much RIB work?

  11. No RIBs in unit but have known people get on RIB courses - this seems quite hard to do, however. GSSR seems to be biggest branch (outside NE!) and latest DO is full of vim - phys training is part of syllabus and happens at the RMR unit in Bermondsey once a month I believe (don't quote me). Drill nights have diversified so Whole Ship Lectures happen once every couple of weeks, so if there is a low turnout form GSSR you would still be able to do WHT, first aid, boats, comms or whatever was on.
  12. cheers vpt, i think i shall give them a ring.

  13. Erm, I remember those days well from the RNXS meetings in the 1990s onboard President (stone-frigate one) and HMS Chrissy: amongst our lot, all bar one professional (our Head of Unit, Hugh Sterling) opted to be Ratings - myself included. At least I understand that it's all changed now - for the better. Mind you, some of us are only suitable to be Ratings! I'd hate giving orders to someone older than me!
  14. we've been trying for ages to get present we have three delighful Chevertons. Which work. Sometimes! Happy for new joiners to get ad quals in ribs as it all helps put on the pressure for new boats....
  15. Forgive me for being thick but what kind of boat is a Cheverton?

  16. It is a 24ft motor boat, the sea cadets still use them. (Ex-RN vessels.)
  17. Trust me, don't use Chevertons. Top speed of a whole knott and their health hazards if you're asthmatic.
  18. PONE course is now discontinued.

    Regarding the number of officers at HMS President, don't think of it like (some?) TA units where the whole unit is some kind of integrated fighting/fixing/blanket counting force. Each unit provides officers and ratings to the RNR as a whole and there's no problem with having lots of officers at one unit. President having so many officers is simply a reflection of being in central London. The capital still attracts bright, ambitious and energetic people from all over the country, and this is reflected in the demographics of people joining President.

    Nobody gets a free ride at the AIB by virtue of being at President.

    Gosh, that was all very serious, wasn't it? Well, I just spent two weeks on ORT putting up with someone senior to myself from another unit telling me what was wrong with President. Perhaps we should just have a President bashing thread where you could all get it out of your system.
  19. Trouble is that that would crash the forum from over use!!!! :twisted:

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