HMS President visits Pub for Hot Cross Bun Tradition (2010)


Lantern Swinger
This ceremony was attended each year by the ships company members from HMS St Vincent (Commcen Whitehall); it was one of the 'standing engagements' for that establishment. As I recall articles have appeared at infrequent times in local papers, London News and of course Navy News depending upon whatever else was in the 'news' at the time.

Yep, was happening as late as '88 when CCWH was still a big place with loads on a watch! Didn't go myself but remember seeing it in the dockyard dandy a few months after I went on draft, back at sea and jealous as f**k!

Drink played a major (the only!) part at COMMCEN Whitehall. Lodging allowance, being single, Jenny Wrens in large numbers , rent-a-mob (the entire watch) available for p*ss ups after every day watch and an all dayer on the middle day off, good days now sadly gone!

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