HMS President Summer Ball 2009

This message was posted on the RNR Forum, but is also extended to any RN (or Army/RAF) personnel in London or wanting a night out in the Smoke on what will hopefully be a sunny Saturday evening... Fatal!!

Partners welcome.


1. A Summer Ball event is being held the evening of Sat 18 Jul 09 from 1730 – 2330 at HMS PRESIDENT, and on the River Thames.

2. The evening will consist of pre-dinner drinks on the riverside apron with stunning views of Tower Bridge; a hot and cold buffet on the drill deck, followed by a party cruise along the river Thames on a Thames Cruise boat terminating at Embankment (near Waterloo).

3. We would prefer people to come in Black Tie and avoid Mess Undress/Uniform however this is entirely optional. The event is to be relaxed and informal in terms of rank and rate.
Those opting for uniform, need to be aware that at the end of the night they will be in Central London "in the public eye" and need to remember that with this comes responsibilities (best military bearing) and risks (sensible personal security precautions).

4. Tickets for the event are £35.

If you'd like more information on this event then drop an email to [email protected].

Tickets are sold on a "first to pay, first served" basis.