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HMS President RNR

I recently joined the unit and have a of couple general questions. Is there anyone else that is or has trained there? There’s a drill night tomorrow (I think) and don’t want to look like a complete lemon and make a good impression.
First day of school type stuff really:
Should I attend in shirt and tie and be ready to change into a PT kit (take one with me).
Or is it just classroom type exercise initially.

Is it worth researching basic drill because others will be have had experience of this already from being in holding troop?

Are you provided uniform all in one /is there a locker room to keep civvys and kit or should I bring a big travelling back pack in anticipation to take it all (when it eventually all turns up). Bring a padlock for locker? So I don’t look like a helpless tool with a ton of kit and no way to shift it.

Generally keen to be prepared to make everyone’s life easy and just show I give a monkeys
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Have you attested already?

I would suspect that a shirt and tie would create a good first impression.
You are new, so no drill skills would be anticipated.

Only basic uniform will be issued - the bulk will be issued when you eventually get to HMS Raleigh; and, again, what you get on Tuesday depends on attestation.

Stay clam.
Welcome aboard.
Yes I’ve attested and had everything cleared, ticked off, examined and literally certified fit as a fiddle.

I guess it’s just the way some others came across at presentation/ open nights seemed to approach it more along the lines of a sports club than part of the armed forces. To me, it means a lot to have got this far and want that to reflect in my effort.
It's so different from when I joined in the late 70's! We were then based on HMSs President and Chrysanthemum, moored in the Thames by the Temple. Turned up on drill night (Tuesday) in smart civvies, board HMS President. RT and medical, complete all the security forms and go away for two months. Then get a letter giving me a joining date, turn up with holdall (as advised), Reg Office for RNR44 ID Card, stores for 2sets of No8's, steaming bats, socks, beret and badge. Then classroom training. On completion, to JRs mess in Chrysanthemum to find locker and enjoy first wets as a member of the ship's company.

Part 1 all done aboard Chrysanthemum/President, including extra drill as a member of the Guard (Thursdays), plus odd weekends in HMS Sandpiper. After Part 1, to Branch, WEO got me teaching the other JRs the basics of electricity and test kit. Then joined Kellington for Silver Jubilee Fleet Review and the fun really started.

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