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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by AxelTron, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    I am currently a Sig in the T.A. Unfortunately my TA centre shut before I could finish my phase 1 mil skill training. I am now looking to join the RNR but when I ring the careers office they tell my to speak to my current recruitment Sgt. who then tells me to get in contact with the careers office.

    I am about stuck/dazed and confused and would be most appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction. I was thinking of handing my kit in and going through the recruitment process from the beginning but I am sure I read that I could be switched across via JPA magic (if there is such a thing).

    Apologies for my newb-ness if I have posted in the wrong area or gone about asking an obvious question. All help much appreciated.
  2. Hi,

    In honesty your best bet would be to contact your nearest RNR unit and pop in for a chat the next drill evening. You could also check out the web at or ring the national enquiry line on 08456 075555.

    There maybe options to directly transfer, but the careers office would not really get to involved in that case. Or you could just apply to join through your nearest careers office and join from scratch.

    Hope this helps

    PS HMS President direct number is 0207 480 7219

  3. Don't hang around - ring PRESIDENT directly on 0207 480 7219 and ask them to send you an invitation to a Recruitment Evening.

    Once you have attended the evening, the recruitment team will work with you to sort out your transfer from the TA.

    Do it as soon as possible, and good luck - I hope you have fun at HMS PRESIDENT (as well as working hard!).
  4. Sorry to hear about your T.A. unit.

    Manny is right. President runs regular recruitment evenings. Come along, thenspeak to one of the people running the evening. They'll get on the case and you'll be sorted in no time.

    Afterwards, come into the Junior Rates mess and find out why the RNR is the place to be.

  5. HMS President is probably one of the more affluent and impressive RNR units. Make the most of it as they are not all like that. A prime location if ever there was one.
  6. If you are based in London and are already a trained signaler, come and visit my mob. We have a very active Sigs Squadron and our role, social side, location and membership benefits absolute dick any other branch of the TA/RNR/RMR/RAF(Aux) etc. (Free membership to Virgin Active Gym anyone?)

    PM me for more details.

    Edited to add: Since we are the oldest and richest fighting force in the UK, we don't tend to worry about little inconveniences like Labour Governments and the like, we won't be shutting our doors anytime soon! :D
  7. I've just had a skeg on your website. Who teaches your lot to cam up? The minstrels?
  8. The lads on the site are models we had to use for PERSEC reasons. We don't go for the whole HBM accross the eyes look.

    Who needs cam when you are invisible anyway?
  9. Alright. Don't flash.
  10. Brilliant help guys, thanks a million.

    I will be ringing both HMS President and the HAC within the next few days and hopefully get to have a good look around both before any decisions are made.

    I live in Essex but work in the city, nice to be spoilt for choice for once.
  11. Flash! Ahhh ahhh!

  12. Anyone got any up to date info on how to transfer from TA to RNR? Is it a simple process of form filling or does it involve leaving and rejoining?

    Would be interested to hear from anyone who has completed this painful process recently!
  13. Leave. Then join.

    It's not even a "rejoin" as they are two distinct services. You'll also need a three month gap, as it takes that long for JPA to issue a clearance cert which the AFCO will need before processing your application for the RNR - or so I was told when looking into moving to the crabs last year.
  14. To start the process you need to get your current unit to complete a L001 Form (off JPA), which is the form you need for a TA to RNR transfer. Once they have completed their section it should be sent to NPT Reserves Requirments Manager for approval and final approval to transfer to the RNR. Be aware you more than likely be required to complete the New Entry Course at HMS Raleigh before you are allocated to a branch.

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