HMS Preseident 111

Hi I am looking for details regarding the death of Petty Officer James Edward Varndell Service Number
P/J 34814
The details shown on the CWGC state HMS President 111 but this was not a ship it was land based. He died 02/11/1943

Can any body help please? Thank you


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Here's a snippet from Wikie that may open another path.

HMS President III[edit]
A third accounting base, this time alternately based at Bristol, Windsor and London. It covered the accounts of the active services of the Royal Fleet Reserve, the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and the Royal Naval Reserve from 1916 onwards, also extending to covering demobilisation accounts from December 191 onwards. The Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship accounts were transferred to HMS Vivid on 1 October 1919. In August 1935, President III also took over the accounts of the Mobile Naval Defence Base Organisation.

It was re-established on 28 August 1939 in Bristol to train those allocated for service on the Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships. It was later transferred to locations across Windsor and London. By 31 May 1944 the command held over 30,500 accounts. The ledgers were closed after the war on 1 July 1946, and the accounts covered by President III and Pembroke III were merged into President I.

Also :-

Designation under the Protection of Military Remains Act

In 1985 John Short purchased for £150 the salvage rights to Storaa, which lies in about 100 feet (30 m) of water some 9 nautical miles (17 km) off the East Sussex coast near Hastings. A year later, in 1986, the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986 came into law. Local historian and maritime archaeologist, Dr Peter Marsden, Director of the Hastings Shipwreck Heritage Centre, wrote to the Ministry of Defence in April 2000, requesting that Storaa should be designated under the Act. On 25 May 2000, the Ministry of Defence wrote back, refusing the request on the grounds that the vessel was not eligible to be designated under the Act, because it was not in military service at the time.

One of the men of the Royal Navy who had died on Storaa was Petty Officer James Varndell, who was 44 at the time. In 2003, his daughters Rosemary Fogg and Valerie Ledgard made an application to the Ministry of Defence to designate the wreck to protect it as a war grave. Their request was also refused by the Ministry of Defence. However, supported by Dr Marsden and by the Merchant Navy Association, they launched a request for a judicial review of the decision which was heard by the High Court on 26 October 2005 His decision was that the Act could apply to merchant vessels and that the Secretary of State for Defence was therefore required to reconsider whether the Storaa should be designated under the Act. The judge declined to decide on the legal issues of whether designation interfered with the salvage rights; on a dispute as to whether the wreck had been correctly identified; and on whether or not she was carrying tank parts or raw materials for the factory. These were matters that the Secretary of State should consider when the question of designation is reconsidered.

The Ministry of Defence appealed the decision, which was heard by the Appeal Court in 2006. The Appeal Court decision of 5 October 2006, upheld the decision of the High Court.
The wreck was subsequently designated under the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986 in 2008.
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That is brilliant thank you so much, I have spent most of the afternoon searching the internet and couldn't find a reference to James Varndell or any boats that sunk on the day of his death.