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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by toycommandos, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. Why is there no HMS Portsmouth?
  2. There is a naval urban myth that there was an HMS Portsmouth in the C19, that disgraced herself in such an unimaginable way that her name is blackened beyond redemption.

    Standing by for our resident history buffs to fill in the gaps with well researched and referenced facts.
  3. There is no HMS Portsmouth because Portsmouth is a total shithole ;)
  4. HMS "Portsmouth" had surrendered without a fight to John Paul Jones in the American War of Independence and so according to Royal Navy code disgraced this name for ever.
  5. Must be my first answer then! :D
  6. No idea except that, with a few exceptions, ships of a particular class are given the names of those in a previous class, e.g. the current T45 'Daring Class' destroyers are named after ships of the previous 'Daring Class' of destroyers. The city names of the T42 'Sheffield Class' destroyers were last used for the 'Southampton Class' cruisers which didn't include an HMS Portsmouth.

    Ships' names are chosen by the Ships Names and Badges Committee which was formed in 1983 with the amalgamation of the Ships Names Committee (founded in 1913) and the Ships Badges Committee (founded in 1918). The Committee has four standing members:

    a. The Captain, Naval Ship Acceptance (Chairman)
    b. Head Naval Historical Branch
    c. Naval Regional Officer, Scotland and Northern Ireland
    d. The Admiralty Librarian (Secretary)

    The Committee may call upon additional specialist attendees such as the Naval Adviser on Heraldry and representatives of naval commands pertinent to the type of vessel under consideration.

    Prior to July 2000, the standing committee was larger and comprised:

    a. The Captain, Naval Ship Acceptance (Chairman)
    b. Head Naval Historical Branch
    c. Naval Regional Officer Scotland and Northern Ireland
    d. The Admiralty Librarian (Secretary)
    e. Naval Adviser on Heraldry

    Plus representatives from the staffs of:

    f. Commander in Chief Fleet
    g. Commodore Royal Fleet Auxiliary
    h. Director of Naval Service Conditions
    i. Director of Corporate Communications (Navy)
    j. Director of Naval Resources and Programmes

    Incidentally, there were 13 ships named HMS Portsmouth between 1649 and 1828.
  7. Not compared to Plymouth its not
  8. it could be because the dockyard is called HM Naval Base Portsmouth
  9. Have to agree on this one :thumright:
  10. Good point. There has never been an HMS Devonport or an HMS Rosyth either. However, 15 ships have been called HMS Chatham between 1666 and the present day.

    This excerpt from Wikipedia may also be of interest:

    At the time, there were dozens of naval bases dotted around our shores (those were the days!) so postal and signal addresses were always getting confused. For the same reason, 'Vicky Barracks' (HMS Victory) in Queen Street, Portsmouth was renamed HMS Nelson on 1 Aug 74 to prevent being further confused with CINCNAVHOME's elderly flagship in the Naval Base.
  11. Now YOU are confused NG.
    HMS Victory was never known as "Vicky" barracks. That title belonged to Victoria Barracks in Southsea which abutted Duchess of Kent (the Wrennery), and which was used for kitting out and two weeks basic training for New Entries. (I joined there in '52 before draft to "Ceres" where I did my Part I, and Part II, training.)
    A draft to "HMS Victory" would find you in RNB(P), (Royal Naval Barracks (Portsmouth). To join Nelson's flagship your draft chit would read - "HMS Victory (Ship)"

  12. Dauntless, the new T45, was not part of the previous Daring class but the Wrens basic training establishment.
  13. I cant comment to much has i have been reprimanded by Seargentpepper for commenting on such things like Portsmouth and Falklands War :bball:
  14. 2BM - Agreed up to a point. Victoria Barracks (see pictures) closed down in the early 1960s. A very small part of it is now the Portsmouth City Museum but most of it was redeveloped as the Pembroke Park estate. After its closure, 'Vicky Barracks' entered popular usage among newer sailors as the nickname for RNB(P) HMS Victory in Queen Street until it was renamed HMS Nelson on 1 Aug 1974.


    Site of Victoria Barracks today[/align]

    Stirling - Agreed although I did say there were "a few exceptions". Mind you, there have also been five ships named HMS Dauntless and bear in mind that until relatively recently, all shore establishments had to be associated with a floating tender of the same name to be official. I well remember HMS Vernon's wardroom hosting the President and some of the WRNS officers of HMS Dauntless, the stone frigate near Reading, at a mess dinner shortly before it paid off in Aug 1981. As it turned out, we were surprised to find that Dauntless's very last WR Mess Pres was a male Pusser Cdr with whom I had served in a Leander in 1975. Great night though.
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    When Voctoria Bks was a Wrennery it was called the Duchess of Kent Bks. In '60 I served with a Gunner who had the enviable distinction of being found hanging from its railings by his Mess Undress which had become impaled as he was climbing out. He was not a fussy man and in Malta had a massive and ugly girlfriend called The Ox.
  16. Thanks for the pics Naval Gazeri know there was a school and a mod building tucked in between as for Vernon that is Gunwharf quays where the soinnaker stands,the old Wardroom is a bar its all very impressive
  17. The Gales pub called 'The Old Customs House' in Gunwharf Quays was actually Vernon's Admin Bldg, not the WR (Ariadne Bldg) which has now been demolished. A short illustrated history of HMS Vernon and its transformation is available via this link.
  18. im not allowed to talk about pompey seargeant peppered told me not to :bball: or them islands near Antartica
  19. I have also heard the HMS Portsmouth disgraced herself by surrendering her guns, but I don't recall which battle or war.
    Wasn't there a Leander whos badge was that of the City of Portsmouth?

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