HMS Portland in Dundee For Submarine Memorial Inauguration

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. I heard about this on the radio on the way into work. Seems a shame that not one of the countries which had boats in the 9th Flottila has managed to send one to theis ceremony. Dundee was both my first and last jolly as a submariner, and used to be an excellent run ashore, as far as I can remember
  2. There is no nuclear berth there so we cannot send a boat!! We are sending a bunch of guys though
  3. Re: HMS Portland in Dundee For Submarine Memorial Inaugurati

    Memorial was unveiled today by the Duke of Gloucester.

    Ships in attendance HMS Portland and the HNLMS Mercuur [Dutch]
    Faslane supplied a contingent and a very large turnout of Submarine Association members , Dundee Sub Vets and descendants of WW2 vets of France Norway Poland Russia and Holland and UK.
    All countries Consuls were in attendance
    Music supplied by the RM Band

    Memorial is superb and set in its own grounds -looks great.

    Big BZ to all especially Dundee Council and the Unicorn Property Group

    Really pleased --it was worth waiting for

    G [member Scotland North East Submariners Association.]
  4. Glad to hear it.
  5. I am surprised the Dundee RNR unit did not hear about this.
  6. Dunkers
    Some of the RNR guys were there but wearing civvies!!''Official guests all had invitations from the Dundee Lord Provost.

    It was a Submariners do basically -the Guard were from Faslane .
    Dundee sea cadets paraded aswell. Portland was open for visits most days .

    Will try to get pic's of the memorial next week and post them . Big write up in the Dundee newspaper today and it was on BBC Scotland last night aswell.

  7. Re: HMS Portland in Dundee For Submarine Memorial Inaugurati

    Many thanks Soliel

    It was an excellent day and very well organised .

    I believe Dundee City will be including the Memorial in their annual
    rememberance services each year.

  8. Re: HMS Portland in Dundee For Submarine Memorial Inaugurati

    I am well aware of that but I was thinking more of the other countries who still have boats that could get into Dundee.

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