The PQ17 Story - The Worst Journey in the World

In 2002 John Beardmore, Navigating Officer in H.M.S. POPPY recounted his personal experiences of the worst Arctic convoy disaster of the Second World War.

<<....Lt. Beckley (P614), the senior Officer of one of the two British Submarines taking passage in the middle of the convoy, flashed to Senior Officer Escorts:

"In the event of attack by enemy forces propose to remain on the surface."

Commander Jack Broome in H.M.S. Keppel (ever the humourist) promptly flashed back:

"So do I!" ......>>


and After PQ 17: PQ
Before I joined the Mob, I was a Sea Cadet, one flag day, I went into a local book shop collecting. There was a book signing, it was the author launching PQ17 Convoy to Hell. I had a good yarn with him, nice chap, he gave me a copy for the Cadet HQ, and he signed it.
Well, I thought it was interesting . . .

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