HMS Plymouth to relocate to Essex?


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This sort of subject has come up before, I would like to see all retired warships in Pompey, it has the facilities and is already geared up for tourists. Sadly it seems that rarely can these ships stand alone and make enough to pay for their upkeep. Several schemes have been tried and most seem to have failed.
Does anyone know how the ex Royal Yacht is doing in as far as paying for itself.

If a basin could be found in Portsmouth it seems the best solution to me, I do appreciate that this means that those from the north have great distances to travel if they wish to visit, but surely its better to do that than have these veteran vessels rot away from lack of maintainance?
With the future demise of submarines and frigates in Plymouth, the old excuse from Guzz council of not having room to berth her has gone right out of the window. The wharves are empty now and nothing has moved yet.


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It took me a while to find a post about her, but I just thought I'd put a picture up of her that was taken this evening. She's currently "living" by me :)

HMS Plymouth.jpg

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