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The Type 12 hull is a classic ship design, an incredibly successful British innovation, often imitated and improved on over the years by many other Navies. Surely that is a good enough reason to preserve her aside from her war credentials. Bring her home to Guzz, thats what I say.

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Save HMS Plymouth from the breakers


Please help save HMS Plymouth from the breakers yard, this old girl deserves a better fate than this, shes the last of her type and served in The Falklands, in the 25th Aniversary year, she now needs our help. She survived direct hits from 5 bombs, surely she cant go so easily now. :cry:

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Re: Save HMS Plymouth from the breakers

Hope she is saved as we used to visit her at Birkenhead as often as we could and also HM S/M Onyx. Thankfully she has gone to Barrow.
Pity the lottery fund couldnt be used for this.


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Re: Save HMS Plymouth from the breakers

Given the amount of effort spent trying to save her over the last 15 years, at some stage the plug's got to be pulled, surely? If she can't be turned into a viable tourist attraction, what's the point of pouring money into her? Nostalgia? When do you decide "enough's enough"?
Every couple of years there's another appeal to save her and she gets a brief respite, but fundamentally she's a money pit.
I support what you're doing, I just wonder whether there's a future in it.


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How's about doing to Plymouth what they did to Scylla. An artificial reef where people with diving gear can take pics and fishes and stuff can live. It would still be there and would cost nothing to keep and have a ships company, so to speak, even if they are fishes!!
geoff(ers) :?


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Been to Plymouth, first, then on! Scylla is doing well, (doing her bit) 'bites' a diver a month during the season! gives the fish a chance!

Engines FYI Brighton, Scarborough, Yarmouth! Only the last one had a flight deck - awld bugger!!

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