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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by BusterQuin, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. One of the last Falklands ships, HMS Plymouth has been preserved at Liverpool, but now faces the scrapyard. On behalf of those who served in the Falklands, please help try and save her.
  2. I'm in!

    Could we do one for the Fearless too?
  3. Though I enjoyed serving in Eagle & Ark Royal I would never have supported any scheme to save them from the scrapyard. Both ships served their country well and both ships retired with dignity. To preserve a warship is not only extremely expensive initially but the ongoing costs are also crippling.
    The money could be utilized more wisely.

    Standing by for incoming.
  4. apparently she's been saved, the petition is about now finding a berth for her. I stand by to be corrected

  5. I have to agree with slim, if we preserved every ship that had some emotional attachment we would have no money for anything else. The Victory costs a fortune to upkeep and, whilst some revenue is recovered by visitors, is becoming a heavy weight when costs are put into comparison with those for adequate kit for squaddies serving abroad. Why not set up a trust to cover expenses from donations, I'm sure there would be plenty of willing supporters.
  6. the Plymouth is NOT just a ship that served in a minor war in the Southern Ocean - shes the last of a lot of ships of a particular clas that made up the backbone of the Royal Navy in the 50's 60's and 70's even the 80's) and for this reason she should be saved! This class (and its variations) and the men who served on them were in every theatre during that period! Probably some of the hardest working peacetime vessels the Royal Navy ever had - I had three of them - they were not fun, but made a good job of every thing thrown at them, often in sh** conditions both for the ships and the crews! The Flower class corvette and the Algerine and 'ton mine sweepers were others - we don't have any of those - why not, they are as much the history of this country as the Victory, the Warrior or any great leader! End of Rant
  7. I think she has been saved from the scrappers and also the scrappers
    don't really want her due to the cost of decontaminating her --ie asbestos
    etc etc. with all the new rules .
    Mind you with all the prices of scrap metals rising due to the requirement of the Chinese industrial expansion it may overcome the no scrapping option.

    As for the Falklands --Plymouth took some punishment out there and was very lucky to survive it .
  8. No govern ment money has been spent an saving any of these ships.Lottery money yes in some cases no taxpayers money
  9. Which ones did you have? Did you serve on the incredibly rusty Rhyl? Chefs would scrub out the galley, get wet in the boiler room, my god that ship was hard work, did the far east on her with the Tiger as flagship. I remember the Plymouth & Yarmouth her sister down south. Fearless did not seem so bad after that draft.
  10. Saw a notice for this on the Ganges website and suggested a few contacts. maybe get her parked up beside the Britannia in Leith
  11. Yep. HMS Plymouth costs the taxpayer nothing. It was profitable as The Falklands Memorial ship up in Birkenhead, and the only reason she couldn't stay was because of a luxury apartments development being built where she's berthed.

    As for the Type 12 class... after a couple of Leanders,it was like being drafted back to the stone age... but I had some f*****g good runs ashore from her on a Belize deployment.
  12. Signed up, have seen a lot of the Plymouth as I live in Birkenhead, seems a shame that they couldnt find a permanent berth here, there was talk of setting up a maritime museum, but it all fell apart.
    Its a pity that a great shipbuilding town like Birkenhead cant find the wherewithall to develop what could have become a major tourist attraction....
  13. The Type 12 hull is a classic ship design, an incredibly successful British innovation, often imitated and improved on over the years by many other Navies. Surely that is a good enough reason to preserve her aside from her war credentials. Bring her home to Guzz, thats what I say.

    Sign me up.

  14. Ditto, let’s save the old girl.
  15. Hells teeth! Saved! I was looking forward to having a shave with it.
  16. Save HMS Plymouth from the breakers


    Please help save HMS Plymouth from the breakers yard, this old girl deserves a better fate than this, shes the last of her type and served in The Falklands, in the 25th Aniversary year, she now needs our help. She survived direct hits from 5 bombs, surely she cant go so easily now. :cry:

    Sign the Petition to the Prime Minister
  17. Re: Save HMS Plymouth from the breakers

    Hope she is saved as we used to visit her at Birkenhead as often as we could and also HM S/M Onyx. Thankfully she has gone to Barrow.
    Pity the lottery fund couldnt be used for this.
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: Save HMS Plymouth from the breakers

    Welcome to RR Wardroom Flunky.

    This subject already has a recent profile, here is one.

  19. Re: Save HMS Plymouth from the breakers

    Given the amount of effort spent trying to save her over the last 15 years, at some stage the plug's got to be pulled, surely? If she can't be turned into a viable tourist attraction, what's the point of pouring money into her? Nostalgia? When do you decide "enough's enough"?
    Every couple of years there's another appeal to save her and she gets a brief respite, but fundamentally she's a money pit.
    I support what you're doing, I just wonder whether there's a future in it.
  20. Re: Save HMS Plymouth from the breakers

    Petition signed, hope it helps.

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