HMS Plymouth for scrap

Discussion in 'History' started by Ballistic, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    What a shame that a berth couldn't be found as part of the RN museum in Pompey.
  2. Served on her in the 70's. West indies. Beautiful sea boats. Sad to see her come to this. Remember seeing her get hit down in San Carlos. A sad end to a gallant lady.
  3. We were on board at the same time then trelawney. I too did the WI trip.

    We still haven't given up hope of saving her, but it is all pointing to a very sad end for her. I have a meeting with Peel Ports (Mersey) tomorrow morning so will have to see what comes out of that.


    Martin Slater.
    Secretary HMS Plymouth Association.
    RO2(T) 71-73 3E Mess.
  4. Yeah!! This petition is by a guy called Frederick Sharpe from Guzz. He created one a few years back as well, which also didn't get many signatures. Wonder why?

    I have created one on the No.10 website and am just waiting for confirmation that it agrees with their policies. I don't suppose it will do any good, but here's hoping.

    Martin Slater.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2012
  5. Best of luck with the meeting
  6. Simple fact is that if the ship is to be saved it needs to be part of a viable whole. Scratching around Plymouth or Liverpool ain't going to cut it. Look back as far as when Cavalier was in Southampton and later on the Tyne - struggled all the time and was within hours of being scrapped. If she can't be accommodated as part of Pompey or Chatham Historic Dockyards, then I'm afraid she's gone.

    Pompey would be difficult as it's either 1 basin (not sure she'd fit) or SRJ (which is probably a step too far). Has anyone approached Chatham?
  7. Those sorry pictures serve to show how six years of neglect and lack of ships husbandry have taken their toll on this old lady. I hope she can be saved in this year of all years, but I fear in the current financial climate she's destined for the breakers. :(
  8. I wonder what happened to the Wasp she used to have onboard when open to visitors?
    I remember the Historic Warship site and visited it several times, I still have two logo'd polo shirts I bought there.
    Sad story indeed, now if I was to win the lotto....
  9. If we made her an ethnic cultural diversity non gender specific learning zone for media studies she might stand a chance of lottery funding.
  10. Anyone know why she's listing so badly?
  11. Anyone know why she's listing so badly?

    Onboard HMS Plymouth on Fri 13/apl/2012.

    ER & BR Bilges are dry, ship still fully intact, paintwork looks worse than what it is. She is still in very good condition.

    See forum Ships Nostalgia for HMS Plymouth latest news.

    Search on site for HMS Plymouth latest news.

    Cheer up,

    It's not over till the fat lady sings !

    Laurence HMS Plymouth 1971-72
  12. What an absolutely brilliant idea. Can I pm you to get some more ideas on how this could be presented to the UK government and the lotto people? As we welcome more and more people in to the country and thus making this such a vibrant multi cultural world more space will be needed to look after them. This could become a training centre specifically for them and thus allow them to take up employment.

    It is clear after all that with the high unemployment in the UK, these welcome newcomers will need all the extra help that they can get.

    by Laurence_ss
    Tuesday, April 17 2012, 4:48PM

    “Published 15 September 2010

    Port businesses across the country have been finding a new lease of life since the Budget decision to waive and repay £175 million of unexpected backdated business rates demands.

    Local Government Minister Bob Neill went to Birkenhead docks in Liverpool where port companies have had total backdated demands of £12m lifted.

    Oh so no money in the kitty to save HMS Plymouth then ?”
  14. So we get all the illegals on board and then we sink her, I like your thinking.
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  15. Think that was already tried out with Jenny's aside Party
  16. A sad end for a gallant lady. Still miss my early morning stroll from 3F1 down the "Royal Parade" onto the " Barbican" for the early morning tea and fag beside the mortar mk 10.

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