HMS Peregrine and HMP Ford



It was bitterly cold in those 1914 built huts. Twenty five plus of us with the killick in a caboosh on his own and the pot-bellied stove glowing red but failing to keep us anything like warm.

That same hut today houses 10 prisoners in single cabooshes far larger than hookies. Central Heating keeps them luxuriating.

Sorry! Just realised they had burned it down refusing to be breathalised.

Mind you the current Governor in her short skirt and stiletto heels wouldn't frighten anybody


Happy memories of RNAS FORD. Runs ashore in chopper and Brighton.
No doubt, the current occupants have been enjoying the same!!
I'm not sure they can go roller-skating at Butlins or dancing at the Badminton or Top Hat. I imagine the predations of those ladies of a certain age offering to buy us a drink at The Dolphin
will similarly not have been available to them. Littlehampton was certainly a good run ashore.
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