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Lantern Swinger
I'm looking for some info,pics of HMS Penston I can't seen to find one of her crest can anyone help me out with this? thanks in advance and happy christmass one and all!!!!! :lol: :lol:


Lantern Swinger
Ton Class Minesweeper HMS Penston (M1169),
Displacement: 360 Tons
Built by: Cook Welton Gemmell
Launched: 9 May 1955
Fate: Broken up in 1970

M/S base HMS DILIGENCE. Nearby was HMS PENSTON, also to be commissioned, and due to join 108 M/S Squadron in Malta following the official commissioning ceremony.

Most of the 'ton class sweepers all had the same ships badge
but the name was different under the RN crown .
If there was a predecessor Penston ship then she would have that badge.

G :fish:
Only ship of this name to serve in RN so no specific ship's badge. She would have used generic Ton Class badge as shown below but with 'PENSTON' in place of 'TON CLASS'.


Potted History

24 Aug 1956: Commissioned at Hythe for 108th Mine Sweeping Squadron (MSS).
1956-57: 108th MSS in Mediterranean (based at Malta).
1958: Operational Reserve Malta.
1959-61: Operational Reserve Aden.
Nov 1961: Towed to Singapore.
23 Apr 1962: Commissioned at Singapore (with DUFTON & LANTON to replace Ham Class) for 120th MSS (thence 8th MSS).
1967: Sailed for UK and Hythe Reserve.
Mar 1969: Put up for disposal.
6 Feb 1970: Sold to Metal Recoveries, Newhaven Ltd.


HMS Penston in Far East
(Ton Class Association)[/align]
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