Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Nutty, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Nozzy

    So you don't want them writers to pay your pension, and various Jack Dusties, Cooks, and Stewards who may gang up on you.

    Come on all or nothing. Fecking RO's could not organise a Piss Up in a Brewery.

  2. Ermmmmm wasnt it spelt PEMBROKE????I am sure it was when i did a cookery course there when i was in the CCF!LOL
  3. Hi Nutty,

    Wasn't it PEMBROKE?

    The rest of the ROs could organise anything but I'm rushing into hammockland - wrapped up snug and safe in an old fart's home for memory impaired barstewards! Brain's excellent at things like philosophy and operating technical equipment - but crap at dates, large chunks of my past (not to mention the present), using tin openers... :lol: Talk about going gaga! Hopefully a wonderdrug will be developed - then you'll have incessant chatter from me about underwater coffins (submarines) and vine encrusted follies (Commcen Whitehall)! :wink:

  4. Andy

    Having only managed GCE O Level English Language at the G****s place I thought a writer may pick me up but a Scab Lifter will do. Please send two codene or dovers pills ASAP. Unless they are now banned.

  5. Lol you can have Tablets,2,white,scored,Ordinary rates,For the use of.LOL

    (I have no idea what they do!) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Had some good runs in Chatham - had my first pint in the High St, at a pub that is now a gambling machine hall at the tender age of 16 (as a Pt3 trainee in Pembroke).
    Returned three further times, to see the old town die off slowly, more so when they closed the dockyard.
    Some of the watering holes are still there, but not the same atmosphere.
    Pembroke is part of a Uni campus, the parade ground, drill hall, swim baths and some of the accom blocks are still standing, and there is a brand new copshop built near where Gillingham gate to the yard is.
  7. I was there in 71 for part two training in the dreaded East Camp , & went back a few years later for my Killicks course , & went back a third time for one of the last POs course's there , one of the few camps that never seemed to change much , :twisted: :roll: :twisted: , used to enjoy going up to London & staying in the Union Jack Club at the weekends , :twisted:
  8. Thats coz us RO's were already in the brewery pissing up whilst you white mafia twats were working out how to **** up our pay once again.
  9. Brigham

    Sorry to dissapoint but I was part of the "Executive Branch" neither a white mafia twat or a Bastard son of Murcury. Then I got promoted to "Executive Branch Submarines"

  10. Nutty you don't get promoted to boats -------ya get skidded !!!

    The good old days of volunteers died a death about 1970 :? :?

    Was in Chatham in 1959 ---P7R for 6 months , boring place but handy for the runs up the line to London. I was Chatham rating before the great move to centralised drafting------only time I went to town was to catch the train!!

    Was there not a St Mary's Barracks aswell --it was by the old gunnery school -it was a favourite hidey hole for the barrack stanchions.
  11. 'White Mafia Twats' 8O

    Good enough mates when some of you wanted a favour from the dusties :!:
  12. Went to Chatham a few times, mostly with Warspite for dockings, was there durig Ted Heaths miners strike, and when Valiant who was refitting in the next dock had a minor fire in the RC entry module. That was quite a sight, fire engines as far as the eye could see. I was told afterwards that we had moved almost every fire engine as far north as Warford.

  13. In the 70s, St Mary's Island became the dumping ground for dockyard rubbish etc.
    East Camp was opened up for baby Supply ratings, the Drill shed (you must have known that) and part of the parade ground became part of the yard also.
    We still had about half the parade backing onto the shed, and one end the C&POs mess, the other being the swim pool, Supply training school, sickbay, armoury etc, and something called the Supply Support Group based inside the yard, up until Pembroke shut down.

    You missed some good pub runs in Chatham & Gillingham, not so good now, as they have knocked a few down - town improvements I think they call it ?!

    Was the Monarch going strong when you were there?

    St Mary's Island is now a housing area, pricey with a marina etc
  14. I was on quiet numbers mainly cos I had a draft to a Guzz destroyer and of course the P7R . Ended up as Padres runner and chapel cleaner!!

    The parade ground used to be like a carriers flight deck with the goofers on the roadway ---------especially when the wrns were doing parade drill.
    Thats when the SnS school was going full time.

    St Mary's I always remember the derelict canteen and the various buildings
    it was like a step back in history -----long time ago.

    I had a girl friend in Portsmouth my next seadraft was a guzz ship and I was in Chatham----really impressed --I was 18 then!!

  15. Don’t forget the old cookery school, just inside the main dockyard gate next to the football pitch and the NBCD school.
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    They had a school for Cooks?

    Most of them must have been expelled before taking their exams :roll:
  17. Please don’t blame the cooks it was all our fault.

  18. Well named thread, very droll indeed.

  19. Favourite saying at the servery------Chef this is shite ......................but its well cooked :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Submarine days --everyday was a duff made with the same old pussers sponge mix and custard anyway someone upset the chef and asked for something different

    Next day same duff--------------------but blue custard
    it looked fcuking 'orrible
  20. Maybe that's why they gave the Dusties the chance to be the Overseers !!


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