HMS Pandora

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by spearfish, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. I am looking for information and photographs of this submarine.
  2. Loads of stuff at the National Archive, Kew:
    ADM 1/11409 - Honours and Awards, 1940-41
    ADM 173/13977 - 13988 Control Room Logs 1935
    ADM 173/13989 - 14000 Control Room Logs 1936
    ADM 173/14757 - 14768 Control Room Logs 1937
    ADM 173/15319 - 15330 Control Room Logs 1938
    ADM 173/15882 - 15393 Control Room Logs 1939
    ADM 173/16395 - 16406 Control Room Logs 1940
    ADM 173/16874 - 16884 Control Room Logs 1941 (to November)
    ADM 199/1832 - Patrol Reports
    ADM 236/5 - Patrol Reports July 1940 - April 1941
    ADM 259/554 - Trials
  3. How can these and similar be accessed please?
  4. By going to the National Archive at Kew, armed with proof if ID and home address; They will you issue with a readers ticket, which will admit you to the reading rooms, where you can order the files you want, and read away til your hearts content. A word of warning - do NOT ask for photocopies of the documents you are interested in - when I was last there (2003), they were quite expensive. Check out their website, gives you all the gen, and how to search the catalogue.
  5. Do they have control room logs for Turbulent as well?(nice find BTW!)
  6. Recommend you take a digital camera instead. Photography is allowed in some of the reading rooms.
  7. lsadirty t y
    ADM 1/12343 - Honours and awards for Med Patrols
    ADM 1/14289 - Honours and awards 1943
    ADM 173/17679 - 17688 Control Room Logs Feb-Dec 1942
    ADM 236/40 - Patrol reports Feb 1942 - Jan 1943.

    No probs 21 Man - I worked for the Mod in London 1989 - 2003 in the Department responsible for the preparation, cataloguing and despatch of Naval Records to the Public Record Office/National Archive. Needless to say, I did have a look at most of them, and no end of entertainment occured in the Branch when it was found in one Control Room Log from HMSM xxxx "Gibraltar 1972 - LStwd *****, AB ***** and LSA "Dirty" returned on board by RN patrol".
    Anyone else with any queries about HM Submarines/Ships, feel free to contact me - I know me way around the National Archive system.
  9. LSA do you know where the ships covers for submarines are held?The NMM has nothing on them after WW1.
  10. I'm sure they were once held as ADM 138 at the National Archive. I did see a list once of the Ships covers allegedly held at the NMM, but not sure how accurate it was. Have you tried the Naval Library at Pompey Dockyard ? They probably can give you a good trail to follow.
  11. Just of thread. Has hm submarine Conqueror s Log book been lost?? Was talking to an ex matelot the other day who had just read Wreford Browns book. He mentioned a Murder in Shrewsbury of a woman who was looking for the log. :salut:
  12. I was told during my time at the MoD that the log WAS "stolen", but still exists. My source declined to name the culprit, but knew it.
  13. From my database:
    ex 42P Python (Lt R L Alexander), 1st April 1942, Central Mediterranean, at Malta - by German or Italian bombers. In harbour after supply trip from Gibraltar, arrived 31st March and on the surface, still being unloaded; 27 killed and one wounded officer lost in ‘Olympus’ (Defence of Malta)later salvaged and then scrapped 1955.
  14. Thank you Polycell. Do you have any photographs of Pandora?
  15. piccy for you|1&axs=0|3333229%2c3332701%2c72431532|0&id=3332701
  16. There used to be a photographic shop called Tom Mollands opposite the Ivor Dewdneys shop in Cornwall Street in Guzz City centre that had masses of ship photos, including a lot of pre WWII stuff. I can't find it in yellow pages or the Thomsons Directory. so it may be trading under another name now. Anyone care to have a look next time they're in town ? The Naval History section in Guzz Central Library might be able to help - 01752/305909 - I believe they have a photo library.
  17. Thank you for the picture.

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