HMS P Of W receives shrapnel

From the Dee Tee:

Fragment of Bismarck shell that struck Prince of Wales donated to UK's newest aircraft carrier


<<..."When the Prince of Wales was in dry dock in Rosyth, my father had the Bismarck shrapnel mounted on a piece of wood," Brenda said.

She recalled how the block, measuring around four square inches with the inscription ‘fragment of shell fired from German battleship Bismarck in action against HMS Prince of Wales May 24th 1941’, had sat on her mother’s desk for as long as she could remember.

"She died and I had it but nobody in my family is interested in looking after it now,” she said.

"I'm coming up towards 80 and I felt I had to make a decision.

"I didn't want it shoved into the back of the garage or up in the attic so I offered it to the new Prince of Wales ship and they said 'yes please' to it."...>>


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