HMS Otus visit

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by sweeney, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Comrades!

    So ther eI was f**kin' about on me east german holidays on the isle of Rugen and whats tied up at Sassnitz? HMS Otus! You can go on it and everything. WTF is it doing there?
  2. cock on!
  3. It was awaiting scrap at Pounds Yard in Portsmouth when the Germans brought it and towed it to its current resting place as part of a ship or submarine display. What else was on view.

    Any one with interest of keeping her in the UK was to late.

    Picture attached Otus is the inboard boat.


  4. What is astonishing is the condition she's in internally, given the number of years (at least five that I can recall) she was lying like that at Harry's.
  5. You mean what else was there when I went?

    Well it was pretty interesting. There was an old DSR AGI which you could go. Being an ex-golly I almost had a sex explosion in my kex.

    There was also an historical exhibition and tour around a Rugenfisch ship and teh actual canning plant which was good (bearing in mind I actually visited a cement works when I went on holiday to Czechoslovakia). They want to relocate an old Volks Marine "Libelle Klass" there from its current location at the VM museum on the island.

    I know this probably isn'ty the right place as its in Nemo's realm forum... but I would really recommend going to the Isle of Rugen as a holiday. Fly cheap to Berlin and then its 2 hours on the train from the airport. Its a fantastic place.
  6. When I was in St.Petersburg (Russia) a couple of years ago we were moored opposite a working submarine. I was astonished to be told that I could photograph & film it as well. :D I would love to seen inside though... :(

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