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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by ssam, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. I'm thinking of making a nostalgic trip back to Portland. Is it correct that you can drive through the dockyard up to the location of the old 8 and 10 messes and on upwards? Any info appreciated.
  2. I went up to Portland about 18 months ago and we managed to get up on the Verne behind the Borstal and look down into what was Osprey. Must of the buildings in Osprey had gone, but you can still see where they were. I seem to remember that there was still security on the gate of the dockyard so didn't try to get in, but you may have been able to drive through. The newer accom seems to have been turned into luxury flats over looking the Olympic sailing centre.


  3. SSam
    I spent all my marride life around weymouth and portland. My eldest daughter lives on the island with her four kids she is a teacher. I met my wife there when i was on the old pusser,s fire station out on the dockyard road. She worked behind the bar in the NAAFI up the mess. That was 3 kids and 8 grandchildren ago lol. Any way if you go up to the top of the island turn left toward the grove turn left ther as you used to and go through by the porstall and the quarries and you can still get to where the back gate used to be. if you remember from there you can look over snaky pass out of the old camp. Most of the building shave been knocked down. only some buildings have been altered in the dockyard.
    The pic im putting on is one my daughter sent me a few years ago not long after we moved to spain.
    In it i wonder if my old hat was still in my cabin up the senior rates mes when this happened.

  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There is no free entry into Portland Port, security still maintained on the gate. For a good view of the Port and developments in the harbour itself go to the footpath that goes past the RN cemetary and find a viewing spot, those that served at the Heliport won't recognise it now

    I've put the link up before but here are a few pics I took in June
  5. Thats the PO's mess you can see lopsided there. After 4 months at sea on an RFA, with my own cabin, I came back and had a 4 man mess to share??? WTF, was that all about.

    I spent many many happy days as a young sprog at Portland, Holland block was the one for many Wafu's, whilst going to 703 and 829......Then I discovered the delights on civvy accom.............never looked back.

    Ah The wetherby Hotel...........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. Anyone know what happened to the Jolly Sailor pub and the Oyster bar at the other end of the Causeway?
  7. I drove past the Jolly Sailor a few weeks ago. It has shut down, along with the Portland Roads hotel. The Green shutters is still going i think. Not to sure about the Oyster bar. The whole place is looking a bit shabby now. Shame.
  8. Shabby now.......................The row of pubs and hotels have always looked shabby. it was only the copious amounts of beer that made them look good :w00t:
  9. Oh and the Vicky Lodge down in the square was boarded up as that was a fun night out! Dodgey as you like! Anyone rememebr mushies(?) burger wagon outside the airfield gate??
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Fire station 1962ish - Fire Officer decides to burn a few pallets or whatever. Blaze gets a bit out of hand.

    Up at Osprey DLC's phone rings. "Fire Officer here, FIRE AT THE FIRE STATION!!!!!!!!"

    DLC "Pull the other one" slams phone down.
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Oh and another day - crew room phone rings.

    "Lizard lighthouse, Chief Lizard speaking?"

    Drawling voice is too distinctive. So is the other one.

    " Captain here, xxxxxxxxxxx, come up to my office will you?"
  12. Thanks for all the info mates. Loads of changes to take in. Started an interesting string also.Memories, memories. Sally army van on the airfield for stand easy!
    Cheers again.
  13. Tell me about the pub that was at the Weymouth side of the Causeway :thumright: It was in some film? about a car going into the sea from the pub over Chesil beach? They had a picture of it in the pub :thanks:
  14. The film of the novel "On Chesil Beach" by Ian McEwan?
  15. Brill im googling now :thumright:
  16. seaweed was ted street chief of the fire station then, if so i was on there around then.
  17. Brill im googling now :thumright:
  18. Scouse
    I was back at portland fire station in 76. Victoria square flooded bad. The little ship pub across the road from the victoria lodge backed on to beach as did a small car showroom next door. Between them and the bus stop some of the houses were approved lodgings for navy guys. We were duty fire crew and one of my oppo,s got a sub from another chockhead to play darts that night. This sub was one "Buck Ryan" who had a approved lodging room at the back of one of them houses facing the beach. We were busy pumpiing all sorts out and dragging civvie car off the couseway (idiots) ous our airfield fire trucks were high. Then the coppers contacted us to get across the the houses by the bus stop. WE and buck found out the back car had been washed out of back of small showroom. One was on the beach and ONE had been washed out and slamed into the back of bucks digs. half of it was on buck,s bed. If he had not done the sub and pissed up he would not have felt it land on him.
  20. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

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